Video: Explosive reaction to the police killing of George Floyd

Photo from AP: 27 May in Minneapolis

The sad death of another African American in Minneapolis has sparked outrage. The police department quickly sacked to four officers involved. People are asking why they have not been charged with murder, given that the incident was recorded on video.

Video from Bikolano Vine’s Uragon

Warning. There is confronting footage. View at own discretion.

First reports from police were that there was a response to a report on a stabbing, which was downgraded to apprehending a forger, and then trying to pass on counterfeit money. Finally there was the accusation that he was resisting arrest.

It turns out that George Floyd had not resisted at all. After going into a shop to buy something the shop owner concerned that he might have passed on countefietmponey called the police. It seems that the man was innocent.

Goerge Floyd was apprehended when he was inside his car, and his death reopens old wounds of similar police-involved incidents

George Floyd’s final moments analysed

Video from  Inside Edition

Large protests over George Floyd’s death move to MPD’s Third Precinct

Video from KARE 11

Tear gas fired at protesters in Minneapolis after death of George Floyd in police custody

Video from  Channel 4 News

The United States has a serious race issue, which has penetrated the relationship with African American communities and police. George Floyd’s killing joins a spate of recent killings in recent weeks. And nothing changes.

In Los Angeles

Video from Los Angeles Times

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