Australia’s political system is absolutely corrupt

Contributed by Joe Montero

Reports show the Coalition took millions of dollars in donations from gas corporations and the fossil fuel industry to bankroll last year’s re-election campaign.

That millions of dollars of public money are now being used to help these corporations in their business operations looks very much like payment due for the support.

The pocketing of $4.1 million form just one tycoon, helping out Santos (which had contributed $2 million to the election fund), and the handing over of $1b from NAIF are just the tip of the iceberg.

In addition to the misuse of taxpayers’ money, and at a time when a devastating and climate change related bushfire season, demanding resolute action to reduce the fossil fuel industry, this highlights just how corrupt the Australian political system has become.

A corrupt political system cannot be democratic by definition. So those striving for democracy, must therefore, stand against this corrupt system.

Given that with the deepening of climate crisis and the signs of increasing economic deterioration, the level of corruption is increasing. Corporations and governments insist that neoliberalism and its leave it to the market forces is the only legitimate response. And the more this fails, the more intense becomes the application of neoliberalism.

Rising inequality, the threat of poverty and other social problems breed discontent, democratic rights are curtailed and authoritarianism rises as the means to enforce neoliberalism. This provides fertile ground for more corruption.

But the biggest reason for the rise in corruption is that big business and state have become more intertwined, and must infect the political system. It is not a matter of just donations. It is how the corporations and government operate in their day to day activities, creating an elite that dominate society for its own ends.

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Only the separation of big business and the government can correct this.

The rub is that the merged corporate government entity is not going to do away with itself. It does not matter who is elected into government. They will not be allowed to do anything meaningful about it. A government not playing the game will be undermined and disposed of.

Australia must face this reality.

By developing a movement from below. One that, step by step, builds the participation of citizens in a new political process, a solution can be found. This is democracy from blow. It is people’s power.

To do this, political pettiness must give way to coming together on what is really important. The point of unity is agreement that together we must build a truly democratic political system, which takes on the following characteristics.

Corporate political power must be broken to allow the political power of ordinary people to flourish. The new power of the people will exist to ensure that the needs of the majority will be met, and that this must entail and economy that is equal to the task. If human need and that of the planet that sustains us are to be guaranteed, this change must take place.

A truly democratic political system and economy are inseparable from a vision for the future that promotes social justice, equality, unites and ensures participation in decision making and the implementation of decisions taken together.

Targeting Scott Morrison and those around him helps to uncover what is wrong and deals with the immediate. But on its own, this is not enough. Changing our way of thinking, relying on our own collective strength and acting together to build a new future, is ultimately far more important.  

49 Comments on "Australia’s political system is absolutely corrupt"

  1. Valerie Somerville | 6 February 2020 at 11:53 am | Reply

    Yes. We need to change our whole system of government, get rid of libs/lab/greens altogether and 2 party preferred voting. We need a patriotic party to pull the country together and do what’s right for the country and the people. No lawyers, ex bankers or economists but people with a good head on their shoulders, commonsense and the good of this country and the people at heart. Its going to come. Get behind it when it does.

    • Nolan tyrrell | 7 February 2020 at 8:50 am | Reply

      Two things you miss out.
      Sortition seems to be the most valid system of government. XR have this pretty close to right.
      And MMT. Most people are under the illusion taxes pay for expenditure. It doesn’t.

    • Vote Flux for a people based democracy.

    • hmmm…, sounds scarily similar to dictatorship. What happens if the “leaders” in that patriotic party start to act like Donald Trump… or even worse, Kim Jong Un, deciding that THEIR view of what is “right” for this country & peoples. As frustrating as it can be to have bi-partisan politicaly systems, it does come inherent with it’s own level of safety guard to reduce the abuse of political power as much as possible. Sure, corruption is rampant, but it still beats dictatorship by many many measures

    • Quite agree. Meanwhile everyone needs to search for good independents with those qualities AND if anyone has those qualities and has not had a crack at politics PLEASE DO – our country desperately needs statesmen/women not $2 politicians thinking of their own good. Cheers

      • Richard Morgan | 5 March 2020 at 1:22 pm | Reply

        No system is ever going to be perfect. What we have needs to be improved as the current bunch have self interest as their main driving force. The leaders we need will not rise easily in such a combative atmosphere. People with vision rarely choose to waste their time with the petty little games of power politics.
        The misoginistic culture this country has strongly entrenched treats interesting,unique and innovative individuals as weirdos. How can it be possible for the cream to float when it is held down by a bunch who need to use all their imagination and intellect to rise.
        Our current priminister got to his position in the most devious machiavellian way. How could he possibly have an original or useful thought when most of not all of his attention is making sure he and his crew get the best position at the trough.

  2. #StateCaptureAustralia

  3. Dr Anthony Engwirda | 6 February 2020 at 12:23 pm | Reply

    When our Politicians engage in the talking of money as an inducement to alter their vote on the floor of Parliament, to the detriment of the Australian Nation and the people, they commit Treason. The only way that we can stop this corruption is to cut off all bribes, donations and gifts to Politicians and Parties. Our failure to stand up to this systemic corruption is the equivalent of inviting Organised Crime to run the Nation. The current system is not a democracy. Your vote means nothing. What sits in Parliament is not a Government, but a painted Whore.

  4. Gareth Chiplin | 6 February 2020 at 12:33 pm | Reply

    Agreed, our present system is blatantly corrupt and this government arrogantly dismisses the better good for Australians. Unfortunately the Labor party are no better. The world knows fossil fuel is no longer the power of the future. To me the manipulation by governments, corporate and the media is driving Australia into a third world country, all for their benefit. We need change for the future generations of Australians

  5. $877M of taxpayer funds were lost by WA inc. Taxpayer funds, not donations. By Labour, supposedly the party that was meant to look after the workers. Nothing has come close to that since then. That was the last time I voted labour.

    • v.winterton | 3 March 2020 at 8:38 pm | Reply

      It is years since Labor looked after the worker…. they have been in bed with the Greens for too long now. They are also run by the Unions and we all know how corrupt they are.

  6. Desmond Wilms | 6 February 2020 at 2:04 pm | Reply

    The top 40 Tax “evaders” include most of the big players in Oil & gas and coal industry. The detail shows that most were assessed as $0 payable. My mind yells at me that the donations to LNP coalition are in lieu of paying tax.

  7. Royal commission needs to be held they need to be accountable and sacked with no privileges . Australians have had enough of the corruption

    • Natalie Harrop | 9 February 2020 at 8:34 am | Reply

      Hi Susan, Royal commissions do not leave the Govt. accountable, these commissions can be scewed by spin Dr’s used by the “commission” at hand to lie and falsify facts, I have actually been involved in just such a scene, where the parties lied and cheated to falsify documents that were deemed to have been incorrect by previous studies years ago, and whats more they were not asked to take the oath not to lie, they are a big fat waste of more tax payers money

  8. I love every word of this – thank you – so many of us are out here preparing

  9. An excellent article. We are now in a plutocracy – a state or society governed by the wealthy – rather than a democracy, as are many Western nations. Just like the Divine Right of Kings and the primacy of Church over State, this must be overcome by popular rejection in order for our societies to grow and progress.

    • Accountability it’s that simple.
      Hold them accountable for doing stupid things and wasting money. Have the leaders go down for signing and handing away our country.
      No more agreements made or swaps under the table, just an honest round table .
      Online voting for each area save billions of dollars…
      Another idea….Oh…..wait if we vote for the leaders and not passing on votes there will be no two party preferred!
      Stop putting a puppet to represent our country!
      Real leaders read accountability without the bullying tactics and abuse… Never bag out other professionals (lol professionals) no wonder people just complain and blame if that’s what we see.
      Oh and have no media at all have any affiliations with politics whatsoever! Image that! Can you even imagine if that happened?

  10. 101% well put bro
    They have got people like sheep. Big pharma blocks any cure for disease or cancer, govt. Main share holder
    And back in Bob Hawke daze a referendum by the people voted 68%against councils being a 3rd tier of govt. Bob Hawkers snuck it thru

  11. So right, so how??

  12. Thank you for your article. Is it possible to supply a link to the source of the information? With thanks, RL

  13. Totally agreed! Thank you. (Side note; please use a proof reader to fix the many typos! They detract from the professionalism and believability of the good work.)

  14. They are also offered 7 figure salaries as tax advisors or government policy advisors to the big corporations and given shares after leaving politics but while in politics their payed to put loopholes in the tax system for these companies to exploit for the past 30 years or more these two faced corrupt politicians have been bullshitting about fixing the loopholes but the biggest corporations still pay fuck all tax these loopholes grease the path these slimy politicians follow to their corporate salaries after they give them self’s a disgusting inappropriate pensions I keep saying shoot the barsteaded for treason

  15. I agree 100%. But the spelling errors need to be addressed ASAP!

  16. Great article, however proof reading it and making sure there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors will help to make sure people take it more seriously.
    What you are saying is important and needs to be heard.

  17. The way our politicians are operating can be labeled FASCISM, Corporations and Government working together for THEIR BENEFIT. LETS NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS GERMANY 80 YEARS AGO!!!??

  18. One of the biggest political donors in every developed country are big pharma and in exchange for their huge donations governments pass mandatory vaccine laws or laws the penalise parents for not using their vaccines such as “No Jab No Pay/Play” in Australia. They also make sure you stay docile by putting toxic industrial waste from China namely fluoride (the active ingredient in Prozac and a known carcinogen) in the drinking water even though it has been removed in many countries and studies show it does more harm than good. Reagan passed laws in USA while in power to make sure you can’t sue a vaccine manufacturer, doctor, nurse or pharmacist who gave you a poorly tested vaccine that contains toxic ingredients that have made so many children and adults (including armed forces) sick with neurological diseases (autism and seizures), auto immune diseases, diabetes, allergies, cancer, mental health issues and gender confusion (aborted fetal cells in some vaccines.) Big Pharma control our health system, training of the medical profession in universities and the legal system so you can’t sue if injured. They also control the media because they are the major sponsors of shows and produce a lot of fake news stories starting with fear campaigns in order to promote their products or create a market for new vaccines to combat viruses they can create in the lab (Corona Virus)and circulate into the community. They are going crazy over Corona virus like they did with Ebola when hygiene and containment got rid of Ebola like most infectious diseases. Ebola is likely to mysteriously reappear when the vaccines for them are through their test period and ready to large scale distribution. Vaccines don’t require testing against an inert placebo like drugs and they can be mandated so pharma won’t face any big law suits like they did with Vioxx, which killed many thousands of people.

  19. It may be cold comfort, yet comforting never the less, that the two party preferred system is anything but democratic, that politicians are bought by “donations” to do the bidding of their financial masters, and the use of the word “treason” is appropriately used.

  20. Here in Norway the system is the same – in fact pretty nearly all over the world.
    However a little crack is beginning to show itself – dupont is a very stong player and has been producing a chemical since the 1940s that when subject to too much heat produces several very poisonous substances, one so deadly it is in section 2 of the chemical weapons register – this chemical is called ptfe but dupont will have it called teflon. In production it has polluted massive areas of groundwater in the usa and near one of its plants in Italy – in the usa over 150 million are affected – cancers and more –
    This is probably the single most important chemical pollution the human race has been subject to – i am beside myself with rage over the idea that this is well known to our states but where is it in the press????
    Are they really powerful enough to supress this information???
    This affects everyone – could this be the key to the downfall of the corporations?

  21. What an article. Very powerful if it can all be backed up. Our education system has let you done! Spelling?..Can I please also ask where are the links to the alleged facts. Please supply a link to the source, if making such allegations or it just sounds like sansationalism.

  22. BUT NOT DONATORS!!! It’s DONORS! Please

  23. I agree with the sentiments expressed. Human beings are quite content to put up with all sorts of abuse – so long as it doesn’t affect them. The system is totally compromised by corporate greed and power, supported by a media that is their mouthpiece and politicians who do their bidding. It is easier to be wilfully ignorant of Climate Change, of corruption, the lies and abuses of those in power when you are kept fearful of losing what little you have. Mussolini was unlucky to be on the losing side, but he was right about linking fascism with corporatism. The corporations are powerful and ruthless, they control every aspect of human and natural resources for the benefit of a wealthy elite. Starvation, pollution, drugs and crime, epidemics of disease and religious and racial intolerance are all caused by this unequal distribution of global wealth and resources. Unfortunately it is inconceivable that any corporation would consider practising compassion or distributing their wealth to the needy in any meaningful way. So it seems we are caught on a metaphorical treadmill that will lead to future generations cursing us while being poisoned and roasted. We could do something about it and some of us will – despite the denialists and Murdoch media mocking our efforts. Perhaps there may emerge from this looming disaster some individual who will inspire enough people to create meaningful change. I hope so.

  24. yes we have a Government that is committing treason, is ruining our education system, welfare system and our furture, we have been sold out, we have no real legal system in place for these crimes and they will continue to be paid by Australians for what they have done to our country, this is an absolute immoral idsplay of greed and disrespect. This government should forever reside on Manus Island hence forth

  25. Debbie Waldron | 9 February 2020 at 1:26 pm | Reply

    To give it a name – we live under a fascist corporatocracy.

  26. We need a thoughtful, comprehensive, far-reaching review of all aspects of democracy, including what it means, values & principle, how we currently do it, and what a system of excellence based on best-practice & innovation would look like and then implement it in a methodical way. Two outstanding movements include the RepresentUS to combat electoral corruption in the US and the global Well-being Economy Alliance (WEALL) shift the goal of increasing GDP to promoting well-being for citizens.

  27. This thing called ” Democracy” is allways in checks and ballance. We must be strong in ourselves but outspoken where the apublic Good is to be strengthened.
    Can i suggest the Scandinavian and Iceland Models of fair Democracy as a very valuable starting point to new ways of Governance and equitable system for all stake holders in Australia.

  28. Damon Alagich | 9 February 2020 at 3:01 pm | Reply

    I love sanctimonious people that never get the point of an argument, they rather deflect to semantics, like spelling or ask for “links” in the light of the facts- no wonder the plutocrats get away with their bullshit, lots of the academics are milking the tax payer too! Denial, Dunning-Kruger effect and big wack of cognitive dissonance. It quite obviously a top down society that will eat itself out like the USA or UK and good riddance! Thanks Joe for being optimistic, but sorry I can’t believe these materialist/libatards can ever unite for anything more the the carve up of a dead relatives assets. Things don’t last forever, CPC brings the real hope of change.

    • Damon, Your reference of CPC is for what. A search shows numerous political parties around the world with that acronym.

  29. One of the driving issues is the privatisation of the Public Service, political interference, and control. The PS should be there to stop corruption by ensuring process which cannot be corrupted. This is why the LNP is hellbent on wrecking what is left.

  30. If yhe public is looking for a political entity for them to trust that they have the direction and solutions for this great country of ours to be at the forefront of development in serious and viable infrastucture projects for the benefit of all Australians and Australia at large.They have been around since 1986 and have shown that they have the knowledge and vast resourses of some the best politicaly aware persons on this planet and all of them with the same intent of ridding the political system that these parasites that have plagued our lives for not just decades but centuries with their rigged banking and corporate system that only benefits those few. You only have to look at their Website and you’ll see, the are The Australian Citizens Party, and with a larger membership than the two major parties combined you’ll understand why when you look them up.

  31. One other person mentioned Flux as an alternative. Which is a shame. Considering almost every comment here is looking for a better way to do politics, but apparently, nobody knows how. Which means Flux is struggling to get their message out. So I’m going to help them. Because they’ve come up with a better way:
    Flux parliamentarians, once elected, ask their constituents to vote yes or no, on every decision, every day, via sms, and they then vote in parliament according to whatever the majority wants. No more backroom deals, no more political donations, no more lobbyists, no more 2-party preferred voting stealing your votes, no more party or factional agendas (under the Flux model there are no agendas. Only legislation, and how YOU want to vote!), and secure technology to manage daily voting online. Real, corruption-proof democracy, in real time. Check it out, and next time you get a chance, VOTE FLUX!

  32. I would like to ban all political parties because politicians seem to have their first loyalty to their party rather than Australia. All political donations also need to be banned. Each potential politician who has been able to garner a set level of support is provided with support and platforms to get their messages out there. Rorts stop. effective federal icac and a highly independant and accountable public service governed by a strong culture of honesty and service.

  33. Global Dreams: Imperial Corporations and the New World Order
    Richard J. Barnet, ‎John Cavanagh – 1995 – ‎Business & Economics
    Imperial Corporations and the New World Order Richard J. Barnet, John Cavanagh … which extend, as one former executive puts it, to “just about every regulatory … business interests and politicians is reported on the front pages from time to time. … Both political parties in the United States are so dependent on corporate …

    How Australia’s cartel-like political parties drag down democracy › Comment
    Aug 10, 2015 – In a modern democracy like Australia, political parties are the main … significant policy success on several fronts and provided a political … With unions representing just 17 per cent of the workforce, Labor is trying to be the party of the …. Corporate Subscriptions · Digital Subscription FAQs · Good Food …
    Political party donations — what we know and what we should know…/political-party-donations–what-we-k…
    Feb 3, 2016 – We don’t know much about donations to political parties in Australia, but … Just one example of a rich multinational gaming the system. … But we do know that 14 companies that paid little or no tax in 2013-14 were generous party … All major parties have such fronts to conceal the identity of secret donors.

    Australia’s political donations system is a joke – it’s time parties put … › World › Australia › Australian political donations
    Jun 9, 2017 – Limiting foreign donation ban to political parties creates ‘activist … As serious as these issues are, it’s not just foreign donations and … close the revolving door between politics and thecorporate and lobbying … You need to separate out political activity and political campaigning from activism on other fronts.
    The evidence for influence | Deakin › Research › Research news
    May 23, 2017 – “The interesting thing is that they give to both major parties. … However, Prof Miller saidpolitical donations are not the only way in which vested … of that is corporate political behaviour and public relations through

  34. Governments are nothing more than criminals, gangsters and racketeers

    Washington City Gangsters Out of Control

    Gangster State

    Our New Gangster Economy


  35. Karina McLachlain | 14 February 2020 at 5:45 am | Reply

    There is no such word as ‘donators’ in the English language. Don’t you have proof readers? The word the artist is looking for is ‘donors’.

  36. This article highlignts just how broken and corrupted our political system has become. Politicians seem to believe they are so far above the law that they hardly hide their corruption.
    This is why I have been supporting movement as it is setup to support independent community representatives who have a common vision and care about their community.

  37. John Culverwell | 24 February 2020 at 2:03 pm | Reply

    Some of you ‘comments’ people maybe interested in the 30 year old federally registered political party: Australian Citizens Party
    (formally CEC). Check out website/weekly video reports/ Australian Alert Service weekly magazine etc.etc. All politicians know of
    them & frequently deal with them . Golden Rule? MSM & politicians dare not mention them!!

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