Will locks onto drill rig to stop Adani

Photo from Frontline Action on Coal: Will Douglas locked onto the drilling rig

Contributed by Adam Carlton

Moruya famer and teacher Will Douglas locked himself on a drill rig on mining mogul Adani’s rail corridor, linking the Carmichael mine and the export terminal at Abbot Point. Beside him was a sign reading “I have no other choice.”

He was eventually removed by the police.

Sixty-year old will Douglas said: “As a biologist and farmer, I fear the disastrous effects of climate change. As a father and teacher, holding a responsibility to young Australians, I have no other choice than to take actions like this to stop Adani’s mine and keep this coal in the ground.”

About 30 others were with him. Front Line Action on Coal spokesperson Andy Paine said Will had been with the group for the past three weeks, “… part of our community and helping to work against the construction of the mine.”

“Will was very keen for people to understand that climate change is an issue that affects us all – we are in a climate emergency and have a desperate need to take action.

“He was also very keen to stress that Australian people working together have the ability to act for climate change.

“Often the government and media portray protesters as being a fringe group or out of touch with reality – Will is a farmer, biologist and teacher.

“He understands and reflects the diversity and those who are against this mine.”

What Will Douglas has done represents a greater willingness by a growing number of Australians to put themselves on the line through civil disobedience. It is a sign of a growing sense of urgency, combined with a realisation that the traditional methods of appealing to governments and the powerful are not working.

A rising restlessness in Australia, is expressed in part, by the growth of the movement for action on the climate emergency, and the campaign to put a stop to Adani’s mine is an important part of this.

It is not separate from concerns over future economic prospects.

People are worried about the future across the board. With the political elite failing to act, and the media barons playing their game of misinformation and censorship to befit narrow interests, people are beginning to search for alternatives, and to rely on innovative actions to make a difference.

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