Video: The Climate Council 5 years on

Commentary contributed by Ugly

Tony Abbott made his big attempt to wreck the CSIRO, by  primarily targeting the Aspendale section, which is the main place where its climate research scientists were located. Many of them have continued to battle on through the Climate Council.

Some of these scientists were personal associates and friends, when I worked in the scientific instrument field. The attack on climate researchers by Abbott was an attempt to silence the results they were finding; to prevent you and me of the public, from  learning about the serious situation the world is facing because of global warming

The attempt to silence scientists and science had two main aspects.

Firstly, it was to get rid of credible voices from scientists whose job was is to investigate climatic behaviour.

Secondly, it was to protect his and some of his party’s biggest supporters, the coal industry, from being exposed to the public as major contributor to global greenhouse emissions.

Of course, there were additional political and other reasons.

As this video shows, the ordinary people of Australia are not fools. When the Climate Council was set up, many of us who knew something, or who sensed something was corrupt about the way the government was behaving, put a little of our money towards helping the Climate Council to survive.

Many people, as you see in the video, were adamant Tony Abbott was not going to be allowed to silence the Climate Council and the climate scientists.

We were going to take charge. We were going to help get the Climate Council into action.

Since then, instead of fading way, the Climate ?council gas grown from strength to strength.

The Climate Council is an exceedingly important example of how people taking action, can begin to overcome the worst of the politicians.

Video from The Climate Council


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