Video: French protests increase Macron government’s unpopularity

Photo by Stephane Mahe/ Reuters: Yellow vests and tear gas

France’s President Emmanuel Macron, is reeling as the fallout from street protests backed by public opinion undermines levy on diesel, because of its impact on prices when the cost of living is rising ,and opposition to the government’s austerity policies is becoming more entrenched. He has now instructed the Prime Minister Édouard Philippe to begin talks with the protesters, known as the yellow vests.

There has also been a reaction against the manner on which police and paramilitaries have been deployed, using teargas, rubber bullets water cannon and charging into blockades.  More than 80 have been injured and 378 taken into custody. Vehicles were set on fire by protesters to form barricades and some buildings set alight. More than 500 roadblocks were set up around the country.

There had been talk of imposing a state of emergency, but it seems that this has been rules out for now.


Video from RT



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