Pensioner group demands a fair go

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From Fair Go For Pensioners (FGFP) – Victoria

Fair Go For Pensioners (FGFP) in Victoria, an independent non- profit Coalition of community organisations, retired unionists and concerned individuals, has asked Australian and Victorian governments, through the relvant ministers, for urgent meetings to discuss a better deal  in this year’s Federal and Victorian budgets,  for pensioners and all other recipients of social security payments.

FGFP expresses grave concerns at the fact  that pensioners are increasingly falling deeper into poverty for which the periodic  minimal CPI adjustments, in no way make up for the huge rises in the cost of energy, food, health, housing and age care and that in terms of national priorities the needs of pensioners, must come well ahead of the astronomical tax concessions for the rich and their companies. 

 The following demands have been presented, in order to meet the most urgent needs, and will be followed up with a vigorous public campaign. 

That the Federal Government increases the Age Pension rate from 27.7 percent of the male average weekly earnings (MTAWE) to 35 percent of the MTAWE over a medium 4-year term. 

That all income support payments be indexed on a quarterly basis.  That the retirement age reverts to 65 years of age. 

Medicare to include optical, hearing, dental and all pharmaceutical services. 

These services and Centrelink information be readily available in person to person and delivered in the appropriate cultures and languages. 

The Newstart Allowance to be raised to at least $100 per week for the single basic rate. 

Victorian Government increase all utility concession rates-water, gas, electricity from 17 percent to 20 percent and Council rates be waived. Utility rates be standardised throughout the year   as cooling systems are as important to seniors’ health as heating system. These rates have remained static for over 20 years. 

Public transport across Victoria for pensioners and other concession card holders be free or at least free during off pick hours. Re-instate a 100 percent reduction on the pensioner car registration fee. 

The Victorian Govt. to revise its Home s for Victoria plan to ensure on going funding for the growth of secure, accessible and affordable public housing. 

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  1. It is ridiculous and insulting to have partnered rates as if it was more expensive to coexist for two friends than to a couple. Only each individual’s own circumstances should be considered for any welfare payment.

    Youth allowance should be what it used to be and go to 14-18 year olds, while the NewStart to anyone from 18. If they are old enough to serve the country in the army, they are old enough to be considered adults for the NewStart.
    NewStart, DSP and Age pension should be the same amount, but there should be additional payments for the sick and elderly.

    The Rent Assistance should be increased to eliminate the difference between renting in the public and private sphere, as it was originally intended.

  2. My husband and I are on a disability pension each, and because we are a couple somehow it is supposed to cost us $400 a fortnight less to live. When I asked why I was told it was because it doesn’t cost as much to live when there are two of us living together. What about the fact we pay for twice the water, twice the food, twice the medications, fuel for double the medical appointments, gas (double the bathing), double the clothing etc etc? It doesn’t add up. Between us we get less than $35k a year, and our mortgage is $18k. And because we are punished for wanting housing security when we are older we don’t get rent assistance either “because Centrelink isn’t paying people’s mortgages for them!” Despite the fact when they pay rent assistance the owner of the house the rent is paid towards is more than likely paying a mortgage off with the rent🤦‍♀️ We are living on nothing and the government doesn’t care!

  3. Well we voted them in.
    I could see it coming, why couldn’t you??

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