Tens of thousands swarm London against austerity and big media

Part of the huge crowd at the 2 June rally in London
Contributed by Ben Wilson

A massive turnout of people on 2 July joined joined together, in a protest against the Theresa May Conservative government and big media silence on what is really going on.

The crowd, estimated by the media as about 10,000, but, much larger than this, gathered outside the headquarters on the BBC at Portland Place. The BBC is regarded as a major prop for the government.

They then headed off to Downing Street and finished up outside parliament, under the banner Not One More Day.

Together, they demanded an end to continuing austerity measures. It is clear that many believe that the loss of at least 80 lives at the recent Grenfell Tower fire was the result of government austerity.

The rally had been organized by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity, which earlier said in an online statement that they “need to make sure” the opposition to the government is felt.

“If we continue to mobilise in huge numbers, we can deepen the crisis for the Conservatives and force big concessions on the NHS, education, housing, and jobs,”

To a tumultuous reception from the huge number there, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: “The Tories are in retreat, austerity is in retreat, the economic arguments of austerity are in retreat.

“It’s those of social justice, of unity, of people coming together to oppose racism and all those that would divide us, that are the ones that are moving forward”.

The size and nature of the protest shows that the political passion is rising in the United Kingdom and this is demanding change. The rally was a continuation of ongoing large turnouts at a series of local rallies that have been energised by the rise of Corbyn.  This has not only captured the initiative, but has fueled a great deal of grass roots activity and a confidence that is encouraging larger numbers to speak out and act.

If this keeps on going, prime minister Theresa Mays days are surely numbered.

Video from The Guardian




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