India’s withdrawal from the Talisman Sabre war exercises welcomed

Photo by Kate Banville

Contributed from Victoria

The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) coalition, which has been waging a long Campaign against United States led war exercises on Australian soil has released a statement welcoming the decision by India to pull out of the biggest United States led major war exercises on Australian soil.

Known as talisman Sabre, raises the risk of involvement in war, and is not in Australia’s interests.   “India’s withdrawal from the Talisman Sabre war exercises is a very welcome announcement”, according to Ms Annette Brownlie, spokesperson for the coalition.

Photo from IPAN

“United States and Australian government hopes for India joining the Quad and making it a military alliance have been dashed by India’s withdrawal from the Talisman Sabre war games,” said Ms Brownlie.

“Cancellation of this practice for a war against China would be in the best interest for peace in our region,” she said.

The next Talisman Sabre exercises are set to commence in Queensland, Northern Territory, and other states on 22 July. It will involve 30,000 troops, primarily from the US and Australia with smaller number from other countries., and it will be largest-ever joint war exercises.  

These exercises are designed to develop the coordination between forces under US command in preparation for war. Every indication is that the preparation is for a war against China.

“IPAN believes it is highly significant that India has recognized the purpose of this war exercise and decided to pull out of it,” said Ms Brownlie.

“IPAN supports the call by the Pacific Peace Network for cancellation of this war exercise which does nothing to promote peace in our region. To the contrary, it heightens tensions and raised the risk of an error or mishap that could trigger a break-out of hostilities in our region.”

Much of Australia agrees that this is dangerous, and Australia would be far better served by pursuing positive relationships with other nations, and especially those in our own Asian backyard. Australia should be contributing to promoting respect between nations and non-interference in the internal affairs of others as the road to a peaceful world.

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