Video: The Darling River is dying

The dying Darling river


The Darling River is dying under the yoke of greed and mismanagement but for most people it is a case of out of sight, out of mind.
Check out and share this video which takes you on a tour of this once mighty river and some of the issues that are destroying it. Something needs to be done before it is too late.

Video from  Jeremy Buckingham


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  1. I have followed the Condamine river from its source upstream of Killarney to the first cotton plantation just upstream of Condamine. The river was in flood all the way down to the cotton growers. The town of Condamine downstream was short of water. Quite literally the flooded river was pumped in great pumps into turkeys-nest dams to be held for the cotton. Growers say “We have a licence for this water, so fuck you if you miss out downstream.” Down stream, being drought prior to the rain event that flooded the upstream part of the river, the Condamine section was still nought but a string of water-holes, each one totally still with no flow at all.

  2. Totally disgusting what has happened to the Darling River, particularly after the Howard Government made big play about how they were going to fix the system(Fuck the system?). And the people of Broken Hill are left without a Water Supply, an outrageous crime against the Town that “pumped Multi-Billions of dollars” into the Australian economy for over 100 years.
    They’re lucky that “Shorty O’Neil” isn’t around today. He’d sort the lot of them out!!

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