Adani to be prosecuted over illegal water spillage

Abbot Point
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The Queensland Government has announced it is prosecuting Adani for releasing highly coal polluted water into the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

This is an important development, putting another nail in the coffin of Adani’s mega Carmichael coal mine in the Galilee Basin and terminal at Abbot Point. The allegations are that the spilling of contaminated water is a breach of the conditions of the licence and there was an attempt to cover it up.

Opponents of the projects have all along claimed that they pose a threat to the Great Barrier Reef, and the spillage has confirmed this.

If found guilty, Adani will be confirmed as being unsuitable to be given permission to continue operating. There is the prospect of significant fines and the suspension of the licence to access water.

But a successful prosecution is not guaranteed. Adani has the resources to employ a formidable legal team to find a loophole escape. The federal government can still put a lot of  political pressure for a pro-Adani result.

If Adani survives this and the mine and terminal go ahead, it is on the cards that a second terminal will be built at Abbott’s Point. It would add an even greater threat to the Reef.

This is the reason why it is vital that the campaign on the ground continues to grow and exert its own counter pressure.

Adani’s monstrous coal plans must be stopped. The building of one of the world’s biggest and dirtiest coal projects not only threatens one of the world’s most important heritage areas. It would also add a significant footprint to global climate warming emissions.

Even if Adani is prosecuted, the company will do everything it can to keep on operating. The battle will not be over until they have packed and gone.

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  1. Adani has fought off all types of idiots try to get the rail line up and running, They have fought Greenies that are mainly rent a crowd that get a bonus if arrested, they are fighting the QLD Labour Party that should be getting more jobs created rather than stopping them, These Green Idiots are just not getting the picture; No jobs means no tax, no tax no money to look after the Reef, And as for the Walt Disney production we call a Qld Government, I wouldn’t trust them to manage a milk bar

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