Video: Everyone should be wearing masks

Evidence is mounting that the wearing of masks is a significant factor in cutting down Covid-19 infections. Even simple home made ones are effective. We positive experience of other countries should be heeded. The Czech Republic is one of those that has significantly slowed the rate of new cases. They copied the Asian lead in using masks. It worked. If commercial versions are not available or too costly, individuals and communities can start making them.

Video form Ella Halme

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  1. This is a great video. It fits in with the latest info on the use of masks. The bullshit here in Australia saying we don’t need them in ordinary civilian life if not involved medically etc, or sick IS TOTALLY WRONG.

    Wearing a mask is no guarantee, but has proven to dramatically reduce the spread of Coronavirus (also known as Beervirus) as the video shows. YOU owe it to others to wear a mask so your viral particles will not infect others, and they owe you the same.
    Remember, we feel quite well for some 3 to 5 days after being infected & are reinfecting others at that time.

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