Trump and his Mini Me march on the G20

Trump and Trunbull
Contributed by Joe Montero

 The G20 summit begins in Germany today and the Korean issue will dominate discussions.

Australia’s head of state, Malcolm Turnbull has gone there, all primed up to play the number one American Mini Me has already made it clear that he is going to speak for more sanctions against the north.

He told journalists, after arriving in Hamburg:

“Everybody’s goal is to ensure that the North Korean regime as I’ve said is brought to its senses, that it stops this reckless escalation so that the peace of the region is no longer threatened by its conduct”.

Turnbull has also sung loud in the mini chorus, accusing China of not doing enough to force North Korea into submission.

Malcolm Turnbull’s lips are moving, but it is Donald Trump who is talking.

By playing the loyal puppet, Australia will once again be turned into what is a laughing stock to the rest of the world.

Loud mouthing at the feet of big power politics is not the wisest course of action. It might just be that you get stood on.

Little Sir Echo has also been provoking China, as number one fan of the American fleet in the South China Sea.

Although  he has expressed sympathy for the imposition of trade sanctions on China, he has come come out and clearly backed them. This means a great deal. No doubt, even he is aware that this would cause a great deal of damage to Australia. At the same time, he and his government have not ruled out sacrificing Australia’s interests in the pursuit of American imperial interests, much the same way as the Howard government did.

Much of the world does not want to go down this road. There will be opposition at the G20 and the louder the bluster, the stronger the opposition is likely to be.

Russia and China have drawn closer together and will push for a simultaneous North Korean and American demilitarisation of the Korean Peninsula.

There is tension between the US and Germany over economic matters and NATO that could spill over into this issue. And there is the uncertainty of the new Macron administration in France.

More important is that public opinion is turning decisively against the drive to conflict and war. There have already been large and passionate demonstrations outside the summit location, where the German police have acted brutally and indiscriminately to break them up with water cannon, tear gas and capsicum spray. The show of force has cast a pall over the Summit.

Thousands have come from around Europe, to make appoint against the G20, which they believe has failed to solve many of the issues threatening world peace. The expected final turnout is more than 100,000. This has been matched by 20,000 police.

The United States under the Trump administration, has boxed itself into a corner. There won’t be a green light and the only options are to go it alone with its small group of minions and proceed with the threats, or back down and  lose face.

Russia and China have worked the matter strategically,  come out looking strong, has with Russia and have provided a solution that is hard to fault.

The other key issue facing this G20 summit is global warming. The division is along the same lines. The world demands more action. The Unites States is moving in the opposite direction, and as usual, Australia is tagging along.

Here too, the deniers have locked themselves into a corner, isolated and shown a lack of willingness to be a team player.

The United States acts like the world’s emperor, but one with no clothes on. The era of American dominance has come to an end and faces the choice of going into the future as a responsible player, or increasingly take on the role of a rogue state, compelling others to act take the leadership, to pull the world away from social and environmental catastrophe.

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