White Supremacists and death in Charlottesville

Contributed by Jim Hayes

The most disturbing part of the white supremacist “Unite the Right” rally at Charlottesville in the United states, where a woman was killed and and at least 19injured, five critically, is that the White House and much of the media have failed to condemn the act of terror and sought to play it down.

The “Unite the Right” rally included the KKK and various neo-nazi groups.

One would have expected outright condemnation. But there has been none. Only a few words mumbled about Americans uniting together and Donald Trump’s “many sides” were involved in Charlottesville.

Speaking at his golf resort in New Jersey, Trump refused to answer questions from reporters.

attempts have beeen amde to put the blame on both sides, when it is clear that the violence was organised from one side.

The failure to come out and make a clear stand is being widely condemned in the united states, including by some sections of the Republican Party.

The death and injuries occurred, after a car ploughed into an opposing rally in the Virginian city and it ignited clashes between the rival rallies.

White supremacists had come to protest the removal of a statue of Confederate leader Robert E Lee from a park.

Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer said on Twitter he was “heartbroken” and blamed Trump for inflaming racial prejudices with his campaign last year.

“I’m not going to make any bones about it,” he said.

The White Supremacist movement continues to be a significant component of Donald Trump’s active support base, which in turn, has been nurtured by the President, who has gone so far as to recruit people with this political bent into the administration.

Rhetoric against Mexicans and immigrants in general, has pandered to some of the demands of this element.

The White Supremacist movement claims that it is fighting to preserve American racial purity, although this is a nation made by immigrants from many countries and races, not to mention its original inhabitants.

Denying the obvious, they believe that the American nation is white. It is a major reason why they believe that the confederacy and its days of black slavery were somehow the glory times. The Confederacy kept blacks and whites apart, with the latter in charge. It is why they have been so active in opposing the removal of the General’s statue.

Organisers of the Unite the Right rally, swear they will be back.

Meanwhile, the flack will keep on coming, from a horrified world that looks on and wonders what is going on, sees the use of violence being used as a weapon, by a government that has no qualms about using the race card and its most virulent proponents as a weapon for the creation deliberate social division, as a means of political control.

This is a trend that calls out for condemnation, not only in the United states, but across the world. We have gone down this road before and it brought about terrible suffering to many millions. Humanity should have learned from this experience, never to repeat it again.

Charlottesville, according to reports is angry that the White Supremacists had come to their city and do not want a repeat. Much of the country shares in the revulsion against what this sorry element has perpetrated in their name and the message that is already getting through is that they want something done about it.

Those who fan its flames, deserve to be condemned by all decent people.

Perhaps those who paid the price in Charlottesville, will help to make a difference and move us all to make a stand and say that they shall not pass.

Warning some graphic footage.

Video from RT



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  1. it’s no wonder Hanson et al embraced his election with such glee

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