Video: It’s not a choice for most people to be on welfare

It’s bloody tough. I know, because I’ve been there.

Four years ago, I stood in the Senate and spoke about my experience living on welfare, spoke about things that most of them up there will never understand.

But for those of you doing it tough at the moment, I want you to know that I understand what you’re going through, and I know you’re doing your best.

Video from Senator Jacqui Lambie

4 Comments on "Video: It’s not a choice for most people to be on welfare"

  1. The social security service needs a complete overhaul. Jobactive which will be renewed in September without any review of the current providers and jobactive system would be inexcusable. Mutual obligation is a two way responsibility .not so curr3nly. The dob in line is ludicrous when there are not enough jobs to go around. And employers can use this line without any accountability on their part.
    Lastly the the jobseeker increase is a joke. It moves people from abject poverty up into abject poverty. It is an. Insult and disgrace.

  2. It appears worked all my life to end up feeling like a “drain on the public purse”. To end up feeling like a failure.

    This government has caused me to feel like both.

    While they enjoy their gourmet lunches and dinners, paid for by the very people they demonise, I wonder how any of them would feel if they wore my shoes for a while.

    I’ve grown to hate the Liberal government and am ashamed to be Australian, and I blame the government for that.

    Our country has gone to the dogs. I blame the government for that.

    The only thing I can thank the government for is NOTHING.

    So, Mr Morrison and your band of merry minions, thanks for nothing.

  3. Jacquie you said that perfectly I like you and many others live with this on going juggling act of do i pay the rego or put food on the table and risk being caught with an unregister car to opt to feed the kids only to be caught and fined $800 adding to the hardship living on welfare is certainly not a choice for many but a way to get by survive the introduction of the CDC will only make surviving harder and the loss of self respect and dignity and self worth even harder to maintain it is an insult to give people a pittance to live on and them manage it for them . I would like to see any one of them try to raise kids on a pension and feel good about it . I would like them to always have to say no to their kids sorry sweetie we can’t afford Maccas this fortnight or i can’t get the netball skirt you so badly need ,or sorry honey you can’t go on camp this time we don’t have the money . I would like to see them do this and know how it feels to cry yourself to sleep each night cos you had to say no to things that others don’t even have to think about . how bad you feel as a parent as a person in order to survive and now they want to make us feel even worse by managing our merger amount we get , rents have gone through the roof our payments have not kept up with this making it almost impossible to live we are unable to absorb these huge rent hikes but what is the alternative . Please Jacquie you must do what ever you can to stop this destruction of the poor if it is blanketed as they want the suicide rate will jump dramatically we are the poor and vulnerable we don’t need to also be the abused .

  4. I do wish people would not swear as a way of stating their frustration and I do wish people would stop blaming other’s rather than do what you can for yourself without moaning about how unfair life is. Go serve someone, it does not need to be easy to be poor or rich, all will have trials but it is how we bear them and still help one another that is useful. The government cannot fix all our monetary or our health issues. They should not concentrate on delivering laws that allow and support the killing of the unborn or assisted dying or allowing children to have treatment to allow sex change. There will always be poor among us but whether we are in that group or not there is always prayer and faith in God and He sees all our troubles and our afflictions are for our ultimate gain and will eventually pass.

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