Morrison’s new mega military spending is a threat to Australia

Photo by Mark Graham: Morrison talks war

Editorial comment

Everyone should be as mad as hell. At a time of crisis, when Australia needs to pull together, change direction and steer towards a better future, Scott Morrison and his gang want to march us off to war.

At a time when resources are needed to help Australians in difficult times and build the economy on secure foundations, $270 billion is to be diverted into military spending, which the prime minister has the gall to call the prevention of war.

Why in the hell then, is the centrepiece long range missiles (AGM-158C Long Range Anti-Ship Missile – LRASM), drones and fighter planes launched from aircraft carriers, and anti-submarine and under water weaponry?

Photo by Darren England/AAP

This is not defence. It is preparation for deployment overseas.

A portion of the allocated money is to be spent on upgrading the network of United States controlled military telecommunications facilities dotted around Australia, and for improving ports for military access by United States fleets.

Why? Because Uncle Sam says so. Donald Trump needs a good distraction from his failing bid to stay on a President after 6 November, and Scott Morrison is on call to help out his mate. Playing the blame game, fanning the race card, and talking up war are superb distractions.

But even if the Donald Trump factor was not there, The United States, although still powerful, is a declining power suffering serious internal economic and social problems, a string of losses in battlefields abroad, and diminishing global political clout.

Australia, however, is one place where United States economic power and politics dominates.

Wall Street investors own the biggest part of the Australian economy. Take the examples of the banks, mining and energy industries, services, and retail. Wall Street owns the controlling shares in the dominant corporations.

Politically, Australia has been firmly locked into an alliance with the superpower. Sure. There was the cooperation during World War Two. After this, the alliance took a different shape. The Curtin government came into office with a popular plan to create a new and independent industrial economy. This was known as the Curtin plan.

John Curtin

Washington was not amused. There was even talk of blocking credit for Australia’s post-war reconstruction. Washington had an alternative plan for Australia. Industrialisation via Wall Street and permanent dependency on foreign investment. Curtin died in office, and successor Ben Chifley got the message. He did what he was told.  

Australia was locked in as a sphere of influence in the southern hemisphere, serving as a jumping off point for economic, political, and military penetration through the region. The Australian military apparatus effectively became unit of the American military machine.  

Today, a major factor in the effort to impose United States global supremacy, is the manufacturing of the China threat. Whatever one may think of the Chinese political system, honesty demands the acceptance of two basic facts. Chinese interests don’t own other economies the way U.S. interests own the Australian economy, and the Chinese military is not stationed in other countries.

China on the other hand, has grounds for complaint. Anyone would, if faced by a wall of hostile military bases.

The wall of US military bases aimed against China

Given this, it is not so strange that China would want to bolster protection of its borders. Encirclement like this is a form of military aggression, and geared to interfere in the nation’s internal politics. It is also a clear military threat.

Australia takes part in this and is involved almost everywhere the United States flexes its military muscle, and this has earned the unflattering tag of deputy sheriff.

Australia has joined in the use of trade sanctions, military exercises and war around the world’s flash points, taken part in applying the first two on China, and now, moving towards applying the third.

This is what best explains the sudden escalation of military spending.

Scott Morrison is right when he says that the world is now a more dangerous place. He says China is the reason. But which is the power that is using gunboat diplomacy? Which is power applying the practice of ‘regime change’ around the world to enforce its political will? Which is the power militarily occupying Australian soil and commanding the Australian Defence Force?

The Washington doctrine turns reality upside down. The United States has an unequaled track record of aggression against others. It’s internal problems and loss of diplomatic clout is driving an increasing reliance on military means to impose its political will. This is what is making the world a more dangerous place.

If the military build up was for the defence of Australia, then surely the emphasis would be on strengthening border security. Instead of this, we’ve got spending for overseas military action.

Washington has already designated Australia for deployment to pressure nations within the Asian region to submit to the Washington line and become part of an anti-China block.

Australia has also been designated a role to play a big brother role with the small South Pacific nations, striving to pull themselves out of the legacy of western colonialism and take control over their own destiny. The purpose is to secure the region as a United States sphere of influence and making it a no-go zone for China.

Rather than defending, this puts Australia in a more dangerous position. Instead of winning friends, it is far more likely to lead to Australia’s global isolation. From the standpoint of Washington, if it were to come to the worst, Australia is completely expendable, compared to more critical spheres of influence, and especially its home turf.

If the anti-China crusade succeeds in seriously damaging the China’s economy, it would mean damage to the primary engine of the global economy, and this would bring severe consequences for all. More for Australia than most other nations.

It is trade with China that has stopped the Australian economy from free fall. Joining the anti-China crusade threatens to put this to an end. For its part, China is not dependent on trade with Australia. There are plenty of easy alternatives.

China is even moving off dependency on coal as an energy source, as Australia increases its dependency on exporting it. Threatening trade in other commodities is an irresponsible betrayal.

By engaging in tin soldier politics and dependency on the United States, Scott Morrison is playing Russian Roulette with Australia.

It’s high time for Australia to act as independent nation. To do this Australia must pull out of the US-Australia alliance, in order to build constructive relationships with all nations, on the foundation of mutual respect and mutual benefit; for Australia to become a promoter of peace between nations and champion of an equal voice for all.

Along the way, breaking the dependency on Wall Street will be a necessity.

6 Comments on "Morrison’s new mega military spending is a threat to Australia"

  1. Michael Farnell | 2 July 2020 at 2:17 pm | Reply

    If China decided to attack us we wouldn’t have a chance no matter how much we spend and I don’t think we can rely on USA for help when push comes to shove

  2. Geoffrey Shepherd | 2 July 2020 at 4:22 pm | Reply

    Having visited China in 2002 and 2019 and the US in 2004 and twice in 2017 we felt safer in China when out on the streets and the people seemed happy and friendly.The police in China do not carry guns and their standard of living had sky rocketed in that period.We are told they can’t buy cars for example.Wrong,they can buy cars,they can’t get number plates in some areas because there is not enough road room for them,they have to wait in a queue to get a number plate.Gosh we are fed some scrap a lot of the time and people believe it!

  3. William Shaffer | 2 July 2020 at 9:21 pm | Reply

    at least from conscription in 1960s for Vietnam Fiasco Straya been lackey to USA Imperialist Agenda. ANZUS is so dangerous for our safety! Not so long ago we had a PM who spoke Mandarin, now we got a silver tongue war-monger ready to lead us into financial and maybe military ruin.

  4. Graeme Hamilton | 4 July 2020 at 11:01 am | Reply

    So scared for the future of our beautiful country. The yanks have always led us into war and always under a liberal government

  5. John Leong | 7 July 2020 at 4:28 am | Reply

    American political game is a treat to the world. Look at the middle east war torn countries,what does the America get inreturn. Nothing but bringing hardship to the people. Created war crime America is fully responsible and accountable.

  6. Australia’s alliance with the USA and a heavy reliance on Economic Trade with China makes for very complicated diplomacy.
    There are no clear cut imperatives because of this.
    I do feel Australia should “ operate more independently “ when it comes to “ military decisions “ and not be merely seen as a “ lap dog “ to USA …On the other hand the South Pacific Islands (Australia together with NZ ) are within our sphere of influence…and they should feel entitled to support from Australia and NZ, irrespective of US and Chinese reasoning.
    We should have an effective military force to “ potentially “ back up a situation where “ diplomacy has failed “. Also the military can be used for humanitarian reasons…such as after destruction for severe storm systems.o
    Also of equal concern …and in the short term certainly, military expenditure, should not threaten to degenerate our society when we are facing the COVID 19 economic impact…and many fellow Australians need support and should not simply be abandoned .
    In short we need China as our major trading partner…though it would be in our interests to increase trade more with other countries so we are not as reliant on Chinese Growth.
    Global Population, the Accelerating Collapsing Biosphere and Environmental concerns leading “ to potential runaway Climate Change “ are increasingly URGENT and must be addressed; if humans and other life forms are to survive.
    This “ IS the BIG Picture “ …and so must be addressed URGENTLY with all countries making serious efforts, or we shall all face a much harsher quality of life. Birth numbers must be reduced and renewable energy replacing fossil fuels where ever possible. Economics is already accelerating this energy shift. Governments ( and Industry ) need to make decisions NOW as the time available to change direction or “ face greater global environmental catastrophe “ which is already in play; is vanishing fast.
    Evidence of this is in droughts and floods caused by more intense weather systems…as the planet warms.
    All other dramas on this planet are of little significance when compared with Climate Change, and for this reason problems associated with this must have some higher priority.

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