The USS Roosevelt and the captain’s dismissal for speaking out

The USS Roosevelt

Contributed by Glen Davis

In America, the death toll from Covid-19 has rapidly moved past the twenty thousand mark,as though there’s a prize for the most deaths from this horrible disease.

Among these deaths was a sailor from the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt. He is one of almost 600 sailors from the vessel who have tested positive to the deadly Covid-19. Over 4,000mcrew members have been forced to leave the vessel.

The officer in charge of the vessel was Captain Brett Crozier. When he first raised concerns about Covid-19 on the ship, he was removed from his post by secretary of the Navy. It was felt his actions were not good for morale of the crew, nor the navy per se.

Captain Brett Crozier

However, when Crozier left the ship for the final time, the crew stood on the deck to bid him adieu, clearly thanking him for his action.

Crozier was a veteran of over 30-years of service in the American Navy. Though one doesn’t normally seek to glamorise military figures, he wasn’t someone you’d expected to be punished as a whistle blower. He was a graduate of the U S Naval academy, as well as having a master’s degree.

Crozier progressed up the ranks of the US navy, prior to commanding the USS Theodore Roosevelt from November 2019.

As the commanding officer, he was horrified by the spreading of Covid 19 among his crew. Bravely, he spoke up about his concern at the inadequate resourcing and support his crew received. Crozier himself has allegedly tested positive to Covid 19.

The crew see their captain off with a show of appreciation

True, Crozier may not be in the same mould as Julian Assange, when it comes to exposing injustices. But like Assange, he was willing to take a principled stand against those ruling us.

As a result of expressing to his concerns re his crew, he was removed from his post. No dissent will be tolerated.

Meanwhile, the ‘Tangerine Mussolini’ talks about getting the economy back on track by May. This is part of his campaign of veritable denialism re Covid 19.

Back in January he claimed it was a non-issue, related to just one person coming to America from China. Through February into early March, he constantly downplayed the pandemic talking about it being under control, before a National Emergency was declared on March 13 Then he talked about lifting all restrictions, having America open for Business by Easter.

As America falls further into the horror unleashed by Covid 19 their health system, the economy, and the political structures are falling apart.

However, it is not inconceivable with their electoral processes, they could have the ‘Tangerine Mussolini’ elected again later this year.

Regardless of the 2020 presidential election we may be seeing the fall of the America.

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