Video: Roger Waters tells RT how media shields Covid-19 villains

Legendary musician Roger Waters joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the frustrating lack of cooperation between countries in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. He points out the dangers of society returning to a toxic “normal” following the crisis.

Video RT America

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  1. Hello I just want to say that I agree with the idea of a COVID COVERUP because I strongly believe that they want to spread the covid. I say that because My wife supposedly has the covid but I asked her to test again because it may be a false positive. Well no way to test because of all the places on the net that show places like cvs to test they will all refuse to do it after you’ve given them all your info. I also tried and got the same results because I may have been exposed. I suppose they want me and others to spread it if we have the covid without symptoms. Its a shame that with all of the trillions from all our taxes they are refusing us medical help. I guess more for the pentagon to spend on weapons. What I hope from this is to expose their treachery in the spread of the covid and that if someone knows of a test site that does do the testing I will appreciate it very much. I’m in California in the county of riverside. I am also a veteran and the VA doesn’t do the test either in fact Im really afrade to go to them anyhow because like the roach motel I may check in and not check out.

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