Video: Is austerity to blame for Grenfell Tower fire?

Grenfell Tower burning


interview by RT with Aamer Anwar, human rights lawyer and Rector of the Glasgow University on Grenfell Tower fire and the culpability of the British government, suggesting that criminal charges should be pressed and the matter not sidetracked into a government inquiry.

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  1. The governmental criminal conspiracy over this kind of event is typical of actions in Aus too. Their arse-covering by choosing those ‘investigating’ this fire, & like future fires?, will be part of a tool to gentrify the area and get the poorer people out. We see that here in Aus. being done too, reshuffling housing tenants without a fire (so far). It needs genuinely independent investigating of this fire under the criminal codes. At best it is governmental neglect, at worse it is a criminal conspiricy to profiteer regardless of the fire-codes & laws, ie a murder investigation.

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