Video: The sports rort fiasco continues – Senator Jacqui Lambie speak out

Jacqui Lambie tells it as it is

We’re expected to believe a report from the PM’s buddy over the auditor-general on the sports rort – seriously? This reeks of a cover-up! It’s bloody shameful.

Video from Senator Jacqui Lambie

This REEKS of a cover-up!

SPORTS RORTS FIASCO CONTINUESWe're expected to believe a report from the PM's buddy over the auditor-general on the sports rort – seriously? This REEKS of a cover-up! It's bloody shameful.

Posted by Senator Jacqui Lambie on Monday, February 10, 2020

6 Comments on "Video: The sports rort fiasco continues – Senator Jacqui Lambie speak out"

  1. The whole parliamentary system is a total bloody farce. It was never any more than a sham democracy but today, under the LNP government in particular, it has become a sort of “Mafia Council” a corrupted, corrupting and totally untrustworthy place in the eyes of the vast majority of us.

    Politicians have always been seen and frequent liars, but the LNP hardly open their mouth unless they are lying. We even have to be suspicious of an LNP politicians sneeze or fart. Sneezes are hard to verify true or fake, farts are a but easier, we know them by their stink.
    But the whole parliamentary system stinks so bad because of this LNP mob that it is very hard to smell a decent fart.

    If you think I am disgusted with the whole corrupt & corrupting charade, you would be right. I and many millions of other Ausies feel the same.

    Senator Jacqui Lambie, you are probably the ONLY POLITICIAN that has been game enough to REVEAL THE TRUTH.
    SO PLEASE — Watch your back!!!

  2. Thank you Senator Lambie, finally someone speaks out for the Australian people.

  3. You cannot but admire Ms.Lambie. She understands & hears the lies erupting from the LNP every day yet the LNP wants her to vote with them on the upcoming Union Integrity Bill.
    The irony is mind boggling. The LNP have no integrity!!!!!!!!

  4. Jacqui Lambie starts with “what a sorry, sorry affair this is and what a poor show from our government.” Those words could not be more truthful. She was talking about the “sports rorts.” She should also be speaking about the Senate. There are 76 Senators. She was addressing, at best, 9. With herself, 10. A quick calculation shows that to be 11.84% in the chamber to hear her address. That is as pathetic as what she was talking about. She mentioned TRUST. How in hell can we trust either party?

  5. JL speaking truth here.

  6. Even a bogan dill can see through this one. She is usually a Liberal shill.

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