Gerry Harvey speaks out for the wealthy snobs

Gerry Harvey
Contributed by Glen

Gerry Harvey, of Harvey Norman fame is a very wealthy individual.

He has a wealth estimated at $US1.7 billion. He is also indicative of the mentality of his prevalent among his kind.

Let’s look at some of his thoughts. Maybe we’ll start with governance.

Billionaire retailer Gerry Harvey says Australia has been ungovernable since John Howard was dumped from ­office and claims the only cure for the nation’s broken democracy – hamstrung by years of dismal infighting – is to install a dictator.

Hmm, does not sound like a very nice fellow. What does he think are the issues confronting the small business owner?

Well the tax they’re going to cut – the big problem with small business – I talk to the small business every day of the week. Small business has a huge problem. They’ve got wages that are killing them, they’ve got rent that’s killing them and they’re talking about only cutting their tax from 30 percent to 29 percent”. Small businesses do really struggle to make any profit these days, there are so many obstacles that prevent them from making it big. It would be so beneficial for smaller businesses to be able to have the financial freedom to invest in their marketing and help themselves grow. If these small businesses didn’t have to pay taxes, they could use that money to get an SEO agency like Victorious to help them increase website traffic and grow their audience. That would probably help them to make more money and become more successful. Unfortunately, small businesses are struggling with their budgets lately.

What does Gerry Harvey think about the welfare state, surely a feature of any advanced nation?

He has lamented that Australian charity is being wasted on ‘no hopers’.

Asked in a new book about his community role, Harvey said giving to people who “are not putting anything back into the community” is like “helping a whole heap of no hopers to survive for no good reason”.

He also said in 2008 that it was arguable that giving charity to the homeless was “just wasted”. “It might be a callous way of putting it but what are they doing?” he said. “They are just a drag on the whole community.”

Yep the unemployed are not his favourites. Even earlier this year, nine years after his previous comments his disdain is still there saying that unemployed Australians in the nation’s capitals were, “too lazy” to look for work. “There’s the expectation that someone will look after them,” he said. I’ve got a number of businesses apart from Harvey Norman, including some farms,” he told News Corp. “If there weren’t 457 visas I wouldn’t get any workers.”

Yep, Gerry Harvey, another wealthy bludger.

13 Comments on "Gerry Harvey speaks out for the wealthy snobs"

  1. King Shreddies | 10 August 2017 at 5:46 pm | Reply

    His hatred for Australians is rather tasteless considering the folks he despises are his customers. I doubt if any of his tax dodging peers would been seen dead in a Harvey Norman chair, but he is actually a commercial landlord and master franchise owner rather than a retailer. The only consolation is that even the powerful drop dead and Mr Harvey is thankfully closer to rubbing shoulders with soil in the near future. Remember to buy on line – it really annoys him

    • Gordon Curran | 5 March 2020 at 4:28 pm | Reply

      No, the people he despises live on welfare across generations. His treasured customers and franchise holders are Australians who will work and who are having a go. The 95% of us.

  2. He is talking like the old fool that his. His people just get their commission. He exploits every point to his benifit. Best example of abortion gone wrong!

  3. Yeah Gerry I bet you envy Walmart where they pay their workers under subsistence levels I mean I,7 billion not enough for a lifetime huh where the fuck will you spend it all on before you go

  4. But MPs, Labor included, will dine at his table. Invite him to theirs. Listen to him… Whereas you and me can drown as far as they are concerned, but only after we vote

  5. Elizabeth Foss | 10 August 2017 at 10:56 pm | Reply

    Surely if wages dropped then so would tne sales of Harvey Norman. They might even end up broke!

  6. Helene Walkowsky | 11 August 2017 at 9:26 am | Reply

    These callous wealthy nobs conveniently overlook the fact that even pensioners and the unemployed are taxpayers (shock horror). Every day they go to the shop and buy necessities to stay alive they pay tax. You reduce buying power you damage the economy, businesses have to reduce staff. They pay tax on electricity, on gas, on their cars., etc. in what century does Harvey live? He is totally 18th or 19th century. A pity he can’t ship the poor, the homeless, the pensioners off to some godforsaken place and forget about them. He bleeds those who work for him dry and that is completely justified. By golly, man, come to your senses, provided you have any. In France in the end of the 18th century the people became so fed up with the aristo’s that they. lopped their arrogant heads off. We are a bit more civilised than that, but wealthy arrogance can go only so far before it comes to an allmighty crash. I and many with me would be only too happy to sit knitting under the guillotine, like Madame Defarge, to see the arrogant heads roll. Cheers!

  7. Unbelievable! No eondee the French revolution happened! ‘Do you hear the peoe sing’ , Gerry?

  8. Unbelievable! No wonder the French Revolution happened. ‘Do you hear the people sing’, Gerry?

  9. Bill Gates’ has a better understanding of the human condition.

  10. He’s going to lower prices to take on amazon. Therefore he could have been cheaper in the past but chose not to. Until amazon rattled his cage

  11. Eddie Seymour | 11 August 2017 at 4:51 pm | Reply

    Gerry Harvey the king of HN and horse racing. he is the person who called for immigrants to be 50% of the award wages and conditions in his stores a few years back. he now says that without 457 visa holders he would not be able to get ( as I understand) workers for his studs/farms etc. Now I ask these points 1. How many apprenticeships/traineeships has he employed and paid for on his numerous properties? 2. Is he paying the correct wages and conditions on his properties to the 457 visa holders? If he is let him be transparent and show the community that he is doing the right thing?

  12. Sandy Parsons | 11 August 2017 at 10:46 pm | Reply

    He is n absolute a-hole in my opinion. he has more money that he knows what to do with but wanted to bring in a 2 tier wage system and having people working for peanuts…..he is a despicable human being.

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