Battle over Adani coal mine is heading for a showdown

Ben Pennings, who is spokesperson for Galilee Blockade, writes that this is a critical time for the Adani coal mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin. State approval of the mining company’s water might be about to be given, and civil resistance must be stepped up.  

Thus far, a coal mine has never been stopped in Queensland on environmental grounds. A majority of Queenslanders want to stop Adani’s disastrous thermal coal mine. But politicians firmly in bed with billionaire mining magnates have failed to represent us.

On Thursday, Queensland Labor are expected to approve Adani’s dodgy and dangerous water plans. On Friday, our civil resistance starts.

Civil resistance is the final and necessary step for us to win, a powerful strategy that changes the status quo. It moves power from vested interests to the people – where it belongs.

People in Queensland willfully got arrested to save Fraser Island and the Daintree Rainforest. They are heroes, clearly on the right side of history. I visit Fraser Island with my family and am forever grateful to them.

Thousands of ordinary Australians are willing to stand up to the government. Photo supplied

People in Queensland have already been arrested in the current fight to protect the Galilee Basin, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Great Artesian Basin. I know most of you lying here are willing to join them, to get arrested on the streets of Brisbane. If the push to open up the Galilee basin continues, there will be thousands joining you.

If Queensland Labor approve Adani’s dodgy and dangerous water plans, grassroots groups in the Stop Adani movement will move beyond conventional political protest. Sustained nonviolent tactics like strikes, boycotts, street occupations and blockades will communicate our refusal to ever allow thermal coal mining in the Galilee Basin.

How many grandparents will have to be arrested before our governments protect their grandchildren? Does Labor have the stomach to arrest thousands of everyday Queenslanders? How many party members and unions will abandon Labor in favour of peaceful protesters trying to protect their future?

The Stop Adani campaign is a line in the sand, a campaign of international significance and ecological necessity.

Go to the Galilee Blockade Facebook page or Website for more information. Sign up to join the civil resistance.

Contributed from Queensland

The Morrison government has conceded defeat in the latest court case against Adani’s plans to suck-up billions of litres of Queensland’s water. There was no way to deny over 2,000 public submissions and the overwhelming evidence, showing Adani’s wilful disregard of the conditions of its licence.

To do anything else would expose the government to be seen to deny its own laws, which is not politically useful at this time.

This does not mean that the Morrison has given up on Adani. It still wants the mine to go ahead as fast as possible, and this means, those opposing it, to defend the Galilee, Great Barrier Reef and communities, must continue to do whatever they can, to put a stop to it.

Although Labor, the Queensland government is showing that it wants to fast track approval for Adani

Crunch time is coming. The campaign must be lifted another notch.

This is far too important to let go.

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