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From Selina (Club Worker)

Clubs workers, managers and community members all over the country are calling on you to reverse your attempt to cut our weekend rates and other conditions by abolishing the Clubs Award.

I’m Selina and I work at my local club in Queensland.

At the moment I still get penalty rates, which helps pay my rent and put food on the table.

But Clubs Australia has until July 28 to decide if club workers and managers will be moved to the hospitality award, where penalty rates have already been cut.

When I first heard about it, I cried to my husband and asked him how are we going to cope?

I don’t earn much. Losing penalty rates will make life a lot harder for us. Little things like a night out with my husband every now and then or even getting a hair-cut just won’t be an option. It’s a pay cut I can’t afford and I don’t deserve.

Keeping the Clubs Award means maintaining weekend rates for clubs workers as well as the safety net of pay and conditions for club managers and staff, from the person pouring your beer, to chefs, waiters, ops and duty managers.

Clubs hold a special place in our communities. They provide good local jobs, are run by members, and put profits back into the community.

We have between now and July 28th to come together. To say “Clubs Australia, we want to keep the Clubs Award and protect the penalty rates, pay and conditions of clubs workers and managers”.

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