Video: Macron’s “democracy” violence and neoliberalism in France

Photo by Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters: French police in action

Macron’s “democracy” violence and neoliberalism in France

France has been going though considerable upheaval for about 18 months. When Emanuel Macron assumed the Presidency, there was a great deal of expectation. What France got, was a quick rise of disillusionment with the political system, as a new neoliberal reform agenda began to unfold. The reaction against this was seen in the rise of the Yellow Vests and its continuation. It was joined by a rising union movement fighting an attack on working conditions and the rising of the retirement age.

Several other social movements have also taken to the streets, and support for the parliament of the streets has been growing, along with calls for a new political system. One based on democratic participation form below.

Police violence has also been rising as a weapon in the government’s attempts to squash this movement.

The following video provides a view on what is happening.

Video from Redfish

Macron's "Democracy": Violence and Neoliberalism in France

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the lack of mainstream media coverage, people are still protesting against neoliberalism and ongoing state violence across France. redfish went to Paris during the recent protests against Macron's pension reforms to hear more.

Posted by Redfish on Monday, March 16, 2020

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