Video: Dairy farmer talks about working for almost nothing

Photo from the Daily Telegraph: Shayne Hickey

Thank Woolworths and Coles Supermarkets. I just worked for $2.46 per hour to provide you with milk.


Video by Shane Hickey

Thank Woolworths and #Coles Supermarkets I just worked for $2.46 per hour to provide you with milk

Posted by Shane Hickey on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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  1. Clearly there is more to this problem than supermarkets wanting to supply cheap milk to their customers , We all know that milk will wind up costing many times more than a dollar a litre eventually , So who is behind the destruction of the dairy industry?? , Who has the most to gain ?? , Who is buying up dairy Co Ops , Fishing Co Ops .Entire Farming industries and lands .and at bargain prices !!, It really does require a lot of collusion from politicians and a willingness to see Australians driven to bankrupsy over a prolonged period . It really does require a fair amount of callousness to cause the inevitable failure of generational industries just for access to gratuities and kick back’s . Well clearly China is behind all this persecution but the hatred and contempt is home grown and can only succeed with a great deal of collusion , Successive governments have taken part in China’s economic takeover of Australia . Closing down all of our productive industries , Refusing to build water infrastructure needed to develop any more of Australia , Starving Australia for power . Selling our own gas and fuels to us at extortionate prices , Giving half a billion in aide to Indonesia to ensure that there is no actual profit from our Live Cattle Trade . Even throwing in a million or so refugees to ensure a crippling welfare bill . There are no unexpected outcomes . They are all planned and orchestrated over extended periods . There are no stupid politicians .

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