Video: Frito Lay workers say forced overtime is destroying lives

We hear a lot of claims that the U.S. economy is bouncing back from Covid and there is a boom in new jobs. The truth is far from this. There is an escalation in the exploitation of workers. Basic working conditions are denied. Efforts to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour is being resisted It now suits at $7. The following video is about what is going on at Frito-Lay (makers of Doritos, Lays potato chips, and more ), where workers reveal that they’ve worked as much as 5 months straight without a day off, and that multiple co-workers, driven to exhaustion, have died by suicide. Australia should be worried. This is the model we are being driven towards.

Video from More Perfect Union

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  1. American society is fundamentally flawed. So this should be no surprise.

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