A petition to stop fracking in the Northern Territory is circulating right now

photo from the ABC: Hundreds turn out to protest fracking go ahead on 15 September

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Scott Morrison hands out millions to the gas industry and it is announced that fracking will go ahead in the Northern Territory.

In the first place, gas is no way to kickstart the economy. Fracking, which is extracting gas by injecting water and chemicals into rock under high pressure, is known to cause major environmental and health problems to animals and humans.

Origin Energy is a big player, despite its alims to care about the environment. It is not what you say but what you to that counts. Plans are underway to target Origin’s coming annual general meeting.

The action is being organised by Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network.

First Nations communities are at the forefront of campaigning against this insidious form of gas extraction. They are calling for fracking to be banned in the Territory and across the country, to preserve the health of the land and water, communities, and to act on the climate crisis.

Fundraisng for the campaign

Video from SEED

A petition is circulating that, to pressure Origin Energy to adopt a pledge to switch from this source of energy. If Origin fails to do this, the foundation will be set to expand a campaign to bring this to greater public attention, aiming at pulling customers away from the company.

For the original inhabitants of this land, extraction industries like this contribute to denial of their connection with the land and their traditional role as its custodians.

SEED begins form the premise that ‘we know that we have the power to win”. If thousands speak out together and for long enough, shareholders might be persuaded to not continue, and in the end, hurt their own pockets.

SEED had participated in the similar and successful campaign to force the four banks not to fund Adani’s Carmichael coal mine in Queensland. The strategy can work.

Fracking is just as much a concern for non-indigenous Australia. Farmers and others living on or close to the land are at risk, and continuing reliance on fossil fuel extraction threatens the planet and humanity.  

Everyone should be supporting this petition and take a stand.

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  1. Save Our water

  2. Cheryl Maurice | 19 October 2020 at 2:30 pm | Reply

    Stop fracking stop robbing the earth when there are better alternatives.

  3. Stop fracking. Its killing our planet.

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