Teenager stops Adani coal on the tracks

Hannah Doole (insert) and the tripod on which she was suspended
Contributed by Adam Carlton

Eighteen-year-old Hannah Doole from the Bega Valley wanted to do something about the threat of coal to the Great Barrier Reef, which is being transported by rail from the Adani mine in the Galilee Basin, to the Abbot Point terminal.

She became active in the Front-Line Action on Coal’s (FLAC) campaign, bringing people together in an effort to put an end to the mine and rail project.

On Thursday last week, she was suspended 10 metres above Newlands rail line to stop the coal train. She succeeded for eight hours, until taken into police custody.

Her action was part of a rolling campaign of creative action. which is keeping the issue on the boil.

Hannah was prepared to stick her neck out and show she is serious. Others are doing similarly. By their example, they encourage even more people to stand up and have a go.

In doing this, they learn how to be assertive and work together with others for a common cause. They accumulate experience, which carries on into the future.

Right now, Adani is busy trying to secure funds to continue. The strength of the opposition has been such that one bank after another has seen the wisdom of withdrawing. This has been a major setback. Nevertheless, Adani claims to have now found a lifeline and that the money is going to be rolling in very soon.

This may or may not materialise. But it does bring a new urgency to campaigners. They need thousands mores Hannah Doole’s to back what  she and others are already doing. This is what is gonig to bring a decisive victory over Adani.

The Australia wide movement has done a lot to raise awareness about the threat og global warming and environment protection issues in general. It has also been a role model for organising activism, in a way that permits all sections of the community to take part.

2 Comments on "Teenager stops Adani coal on the tracks"

  1. It is well thought out, community backed action like this that is the strength of Australia’s people.
    We can put a stop to the moronic idiocy of the most powerful moneyed exploiters if we stand together, stand up and fight well thought out campaigns against such “give me money now and to hell with your future and your descendants future” arseholes of the business world.

  2. Nice work Hannah Doole. This is what it has come to .
    Anastasia, kick this corrupt mercenary out of our state.
    The future does NOT involve this coal destroying our atmosphere, our reef,
    or our real jobs. If it does then you have failed at the job we gave you!

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