James and Katherine Murdoch slam Rupert Murdoch’s empire over climate denial promotion

Photo by Neil Hall/Reuters: Katherine and James Murdoch

Contributed by Ben Wilson

James Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch’s youngest son, has come out and taken a swipe at his father’s media empire. News Corp, for its promotion of climate warming denialism.

He and his activist wife Katherine, know that the grave threat from carbon emissions is real and demands an adequate response.

By all reports, the Murdoch family rift over this and other issues, has been there for some time. When in the family empire and heir apparent, James had tried to bring in some green initiatives and more progressive stance. He fell out with his father and Lachlan, who is politically aligned with Rupert, became the favoured son.

He first spoke out in an interview with the New Yorker (27 September 2019), where he gave a small insight into his political views and involvement in creative venture and more.

When people with connections like James Murdoch speak out, it makes a significant contribution to undermining climate change denialism and subterfuge by very powerful individuals like his father and older brother Lachlan.

The evidence that we are on the edge of a crisis tipping point is overwhelming.

Australia is witnessing the worst fires sin memory, where even cities are under a cloud of smoke. We have been subject to a government that walked away from its responsibilities. Finding itself in political trouble over it, a few concessions dollars have been thrown in and a royal commission promised. But it’s too little, too late, and a proper response needs immediate action and not a Royal Commission.

This is a government closely tied to Rupert Murdoch.

It is clear. The response to the crisis is inadequate. The bushfires are a warning of what is to come. Twenty-seven people have died so far and estimated one billion animals have been killed.

Imagine how bad it would be with natural disasters on this scale be coming the norm. not only in terms of loss of human life and fauna and flora. It will also bring economic and social upheaval. This is how serious the problem is.

A significant part of the problem has been Rupert Murdoch’s media empire. It’s 140 newspapers, television, radio and online outlets, dominate the media landscape and exerts tremendous political influence.

Rupert Murdoch

By speaking out, James and Katherine Murdoch help to counter the narrative being put out by news Corp.

There is just reason to insist pressure all those in especially powerful positions to make a public stand. It is their responsibility and our right.

sooner or later, all of us will have to, sooner or later, decide which side we’re on, and those with power who do not make it clear that they stand on the side of an adeaute reponse to the emergency are part of the problem.

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