Video: Seafarers in Western Australia act on use of cheap labour on our ships

Resource companies in Australia are killing the Australian shipping industry and seafarers are fighting back.

Video by Kyle McGinn MLC

Stopwork meeting at BHP Biliton

I stood shoulder to shoulder with the Maritime Union of Australia – WA Branch today in solidarity with union members who have been punted from their ships – 80 in total and many sacked whilst on the ship overseas. Also standing with the workers today was Matt Swinbourn MLC and Senator Glenn Sterle. I am sick and tired of multimillion dollar companies disregarding Australian seafarers. BHP have joined the likes of Alcoa, Rio Tinto and FMG by outsourcing Australian jobs to foreign labor. Enough is enough, we want Australian seafarers and we want them now!! Shame on the Morrison government and all the Liberal-National members that allow this to happen.I will always stand up for our nation’s security and for the rights of Australian workers.

Posted by Kyle McGinn MLC on Tuesday, January 29, 2019

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  2. We stood together with the MUA in 1998. I was personally on the Benwell Rd picket at the Townsville port from day 1 for the whole 7 weeks, midnight to 8AM shift. Being retired at the time, I & other residents knew how vital it was to fight to protect our local shipping industry. We knew then and know now, it is absolutely crucial to stop these bloody multinationals from bringing third-world conditions & pay to Australia in the interests of maximising their multinational profit, companies which in the scheme of things pay bugger all tax in Australia.
    Why should Australian workers and Australian residents allow these bludging, tax-dodging, thieving companies rob us of our own birthright?
    If you are a fairdinkum Aussie, have the guts to take a stand!!! I am 80 years old and will be there, others older than me will be there, WILL YOU?
    Have the guts & the gumption to be counted with the MUA in their fight against these tax-bludging bastard companies. You are never too old to stand up and fight bastardry, to stand up and say ….
    MUA —- HERE TO STAY !!

  3. Good luck to them.

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