Commbank is being targeted by anti-coal campaign

Contributed by Ben Wilson

The campaign to pressure Commbank to put an end to its financing of the coal industry, including support for Adani, continues to move forward.

This is coming to a head, because the bank’s board is due to meet in a few weeks and they will be given a clear message – it is not in the bank’s interests to continue.

An ongoing campaign is going to cost customers, who do not want their money in the hands of what they see as a bad corporate citizen. A similar campaign against Westpac, resulted in that bank pulling out of coal. This precedent has made it more likely that action against Commbank will succeed.

Spearheading the campaign, is the community group Stop Adani, which has built a considerable following.

Being a major cause of global warming pollution, coal is an industry that must be phased out in fact, not merely talked about. Continuing to push the dirty industry as a pillar of the Australian economy is even worse. As a nation, we do have an obligation to act and do what we can to ensure a turn over to a sustainable future based on clean energy and green technology.

The campaign against Adani’s giant coal mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin has gained national attention. Australians don’t want the mine to go ahead and this is putting pressure on both the national and Queensland governments, as well as putting the spotlight into the threat of the coal industry to the environment and its association with corruption that includes the Adani group of companies.

It is clear. Most Australians agree, and this gives that campaign directed against Commbank its teeth. Australia, part of a movement that is working to build a global grassroots movement, to hold leaders accountable to the evidence of science

You can sign the petition via this link.


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