Video: Union leader on the end of the “Permanent Casual”


The WorkPac v Skene federal court decision is an important union win that changes the law for casuals in coal mining. It says casual labour workers on long-term fixed rosters aren’t really casual and are entitled to conditions like paid annual leave.

National President Tony Maher explains how the union is pursuing members’ claims and holding employers to account.

Video from the Construction Forestry Maritime Mining and Energy Union

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  1. WELL DONE to the union. Tis was always a situation which I, as a manager, was made to use-that of keeping casuals on as casual labour, working full time hours-until BRAMBLES took the company I worked for over and advised us that this was the law. Then we saw the shortsightedness used by previous managers who HOPED casual staff would simply fade away and not claim their real entitlements. The arguement of casual hourly rates including all extras now did not wash and it extended to contractor who received their sole or majority of income from the one source. As a Trainer & Assessor for those going into the transport/warehousing industry, I ALWAYS suggest they join a union to protect their legal rights. WELL DONE AGAIN.

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