The Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria has petition against racism

The following petition has been issued by the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria (ECCV). It will be handed over to Victorian members of Parliament. People are asked to sign, share it with their networks and join in the campaign against the promotion of racism.

“ECCV is proud to take a firm stand against racism to build a stronger, more inclusive and harmonious Victoria. ECCV is proud to launch the campaign #FactNotFiction and collaborate with ‘GetUp‘ in Colour Code #NoRacismInPolitics.

Now more than ever we need to take a strong stance against racism and celebrate the goodness and diversity that lives in our neighbourhoods and community. 

We need to stand up for what we know to be facts. We must call out the harmful misinformation that is being used to divide our neighbours, our colleagues, team mates and community. We need to back each other, and we must work together.

Now is the time for facts not fiction.

We call on our political leaders to be truthful. We can and we must do better”.

Sign the petition at this link

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