One Nation adviser arrested in Brisbane

Malcolm Roberts with Shean Black
Contributed from Queensland

The arrest of a One Nation advisor continues a bad week for Pauline Hanson and her party.

Disclosure of the recording that revealed confidant Michael Ashby, suggesting scheme to make money by ng candidates in relation to payment materials and double dipping by claiming rom the taxpayer, brought out again the history improper financial practices carried out by the leadership.

Now Sean black, who is Senior Media and Policy Advisor to Senator Malcolm Roberts, turns out to have been under investigation for some time. The arrest came after he had failed to turn up to an interview with the police, in relation with a lodged complaint.

Black has now been charged with three counts of common assault and three counts of assault occasioning bodily harm. Details have not been released.

Whether Sean Black is guilty of the charges or not remains to be seen. He should not be branded until the case has been proved beyond reasonable doubt.

The problem for One Nation is that Black is considered as a potential party leader in Queensland. His arrest could not have come at a worse time for Hanson and her team, who are having a very hard time dodging bullets. This is bad publicity that can only make life harder for them.

Even worse. It comes to light that Sean Black entered One Nation in the 1990’s as a Labor Party operative, tasked with the job of damaging One Nation. However, after being caught up in a vote-rigging scandal of the Shepherdson inquiry, his political allegiance shifted. To observers, this looks like a case of self-serving opportunism.

From this, he was elected to the Logan City Council, where he gained a reputation for bullying and flying into fits of uncontrollable rage.

Black has hit back by arguing that all this was a scheme by enemies trying to silence him.

Senator Malcolm Roberts has entered in his usual style, defining this and everything going wrong for One Nation as “lies and smears trying to discredit us politically”. This is the same man who has said that global warming is a lie peddled by the United Nations Socialist World Government and one of its key agencies NASA.

Whatever doesn’t line up with Robert’s distorted view of the world, is branded as “fake news”.

Regarding the Sean Black case, he posted the following on Facebook.

“While it’s terrible that Pauline and I are subjected to lies and smears to try and discredit us politically, it’s totally unacceptable that when they can’t find dirt on us the media go after our staff”.

Then he continued with,

“Sean has my full support and will continue to have my full support in this office for as long as I am an elected official”.

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