New joint spy centre betrays Australia and drives toward war

Image from the Sydney Morning Herald

Contributed by Ben Wilson

American military analysts are to be sent to work at the Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO) in Canberra under the guise of establishing a “Combined Intelligence Centre – Australia.”  The move sold as a means to “strengthen cooperation.”

This assumes an equal relationship between two partners. The reality though, is that policy is directed from Washington, and this means the nature of the partnership is that Washington calls the shots. American spies will be embedded in the Defence Department, which gives them access to all part of the military and government policy. Allowing any of this is an outrage.

Every one of us should be angry about the eagerness of the political elite of this country, Whether Coalition or Labor, to sell out the nation and to a foreign power and putting all Australian citizens. at risk.

The decision to combine the intelligence organisations of the two countries was formally agreed to at the AUSMIN talks last Saturday. It means that Australia’s intelligence services will become more thoroughly integrated into and under the command of the Intelligence organisations of the United States.

Photo from the Australian Defence Force: Defence Minister Richard Marles (left) with his US counterpart Lloyd Austin

Supporting this assessment is the refusal of the Australian government to tell the public what this so-called cooperation will be working on? But analysts form both countries say this is likely to be connected to the tilt against China and used in the South China Sea region and more. It will be used as a proxy for targeting Pacific Island nations, and our bigger neighbours, most who which are seeking to gain greater independence.

Defence Minister Richard Marles made the announcement of the new intelligence centre after taking US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin to Townsville to meet military personnel taking part in the Talisman Sabre military exercise, and on the way to Brisbane, where he and Foreign Minister Penny Wong were due to meet US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

The timing is telling. Integration of the intelligence services and sharpening of military training are two legs of the same body, the preparation for war and ensuring that the US command is firmly in place.

Tightening control over Australia’s intelligence services is part of the preparations for war against perceived enemies abroad. It is also designed to target perceived enemies inside Australia.

Photo by Kristian Laemmle-Ruff: Pine Gap base near Alice Springs is a facility used to United States spying

Australian opponents of the drive to war will be targeted. The intelligence services under Washington control will be used as a tool to interfere in Australia’s domestic politics, to ensure the continuation of pro-American policy and elevating Washington’s proxies into authority. It will be used to harass, threaten, and launch attacks on those who stand against this policy.

Achieving so much control over Australia’s intelligence services and making them a subsidiary of their own, is a serious violation of Australia’s sovereignty. It is denial of the right of the people of Australia to decide our own course make our own decisions and move towards a future we chose.

When those who claim to be our leaders act in ways that puts our nation under the control of another, their action is an act of betrayal, and they deserve to be regarded as traitors.

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