Anthony Albanese goes to the United States and plays the sycophant

Contributed by Joe Montero

Anthony Albanese’s performance in San Diego was an embarrassment. Surely, he could have at least pretended to be other than a fawning puppet of the United States. Standing up as a leader with his own mind and a little independence would have won respect. The cringe worthy performance failed to do this. Many expected much better from a government they expected to turn away from the foreign policy of the Scott Morrison era. They are left disappointed.

The Australian Prime Minister joined US president Joe Biden and British Prime Minister rishi Sunak. These are the three countries joined in the AUKUS alliance, and it has been clear from who is calling the shots from the start. This has now been confirmed. Biden made it clear that hat his words that the purpose is to ensure the Indo-Pacific is kept free and open. This is code for maintaining the two oceans as United States spheres of influence and control. Sunak and Albanese played second fiddle.

Photo by Leah Millis/Reuters: U.S. President Joe Biden meets with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, at Naval Base Point Loma in San Diego, California 

Australia has signed up for the stationing of a fleet of nuclear submarines and expanding the number of United States military personnel on Australian soil and this has nothing to do with the defence of Australia. If this had been the case, equipping the Australian Defence Force would have taken a different form. It would not be based on the means to fight overseas, which is exactly what the submarines and the military alliance is all about.

The cost has of the submarines already blown out to $368 billion and likely to blow out much more before they are delivered sometime after 2030. This will impose a considerable cost on the Australian government and economy. Investment that could have been used for more useful purposes will be directed down this black hole.

If the truth were told, it would be said that these submarines will not really be Australian. They will remain under Washington’s command, while Australia gets saddled with the bill. The expanded port in Western Australia will become an American facility. The promised small arms and military supplies factories will subsidiaries of American, and some cases British, companies providing few jobs and having little connection to the Australian economy.

Far more important is that Australia and Britain are being used. As the two most sycophantic nations, they are useful patsies. both willingly took part in wars against Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, And Afghanistan on behalf of Uncle Sam. The result? All these wars were lost, and soldiers and their families paid a heavy price. Australia was damaged. there were no security gains. The cost suffered by the victim nations was far worse.

It is no secret that the purpose of AUKUS is to contain and provoke conflict with China. Part of this is to have a naval presence to bully nations in the region into submission to Washington’s policy. AUKUS fits into an attempt to revive the old-style western gunboat diplomacy of the colonial era, and it reeks with an attitude of white supremacy.

Military and intelligence experts are saying that a war against China cannot be won. If it turns nuclear, humanity will lose out. This dangerous game is not worth playing.

Joe Biden said that the submarines will not be equipped with nuclear weapons. But there is a loophole. The US and British have both used a weakness in the existing 1968 Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, to disguise replacing conventional weapons with nuclear ones and avoid international scrutiny. There is no guarantee that the same will not be done with the submarines.

The fallout against Australia across the region has already been considerable. It stands to get worse. Indo-Pacific nations know that they are put at risk. They are pulling away. Australia’s best interests would be served by building positive relationships through diplomacy and the encouragement of working together. This extends to the relationship with China.

China has accused the AUKUS nations of embarking on a “path of error and danger.” Wise head don’t dismiss this. The sabre rattling fuels tension and a potential arms race. These are the two ingredients that could ignite war. Put it this way. China’s military is limited to close to its shore. This includes Taiwan, which by the wat, remains officially recognised as part of China by all three AUKUS nations. The push to war is not coming from China.

In the worst-case scenario, Australia would become a target. In war, it would make sense for China to destroy Pine Gap and other Unite States controlled communications bases and facilities. In fact. Australia would have been set up as a poxy target to protect the American heartland.

AUKUS should not exist. The submarine deal must be terminated. Australia must act independently and seek good relationships with all nations.

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  1. Is there anyone in the LABOR party who could replace Albanese and Marles? Who will stand up for Australia’s interests and future – Shorten? Burke?

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