Combank targeted by anti-Adani campaign

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Barely two weeks ago, Westpac responded to community pressure and ruled out Adani and the NAB had already done so. Seventeen world banks have already said that they will not fund the project.

While celebrations were being planned, new evidence showed that CommBank was closer to Adani than anyone knew. Within days, the #StopAdani movement elegantly pivoted its attention to CommBank, calling on them to rule out Adani once and for all.

People from all walks of life joined this wave of community pressure – parents with their babies in arms, grandparents, and students all came together with one message. This is just the beginning.

A report released on 17 May by the Climate Council finds that there is conclusive proof that coal is a hazard.

A team of science, health, and financial experts have analysed the facts and found that:

  • Coal is harmful for our health – 6.5 million deaths each year are caused by air pollution from the energy sector. In India, , an estimated 80,000-115,000 people die from coal pollution each year. Developing the Galilee basin puts people’s health at risk;
  • Plummeting costs of renewable energy and reduced coal demand from China and India place the Carmichael coal mine on shaky economic ground, increasing the risk of stranded assets; and
  • Developing the Carmichael mine is fundamentally at odds with protecting Australians from climate change, and from worsening extreme weather events.

Referring the Adani mine planned for the Galilee Basin in Queensland, it is said that if it were a country, it would rank in the top 15 worst 4mitting nations in the word. This is higher than the rest of Australia put together.

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Commbank: it's your turn to rule out Adani!

Did you know that thanks to community pressure over 20 banks have already ruled out funding Adani's disastrous mine? And just two weeks ago, Westpac ruled it out too! So last week 2500 people turned out to over 50 events across the country to tell our next target, Commonwealth Bank that it's their turn to rule out Adani! #StopAdani

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  1. Tom McNally | 19 May 2017 at 11:55 am | Reply

    Do not use my money for the Adani project!

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