Australia’s refugee ‘islands of despair’

Manus Island

Australia’s continued detention of about 1,000 refugees and asylum-seekers on two remote Pacific islands has garnered international criticism as details emerge of alarming rates of attempted suicide and poor medical care.

Yet many Australians see the island detention centers as a necessary deterrent to keep the country from being overrun by a tide of migrant boats from Indonesia.

On this edition of Global Journalist, a look at the conditions for the hundreds of migrants who have spent years in Australian detention on Nauru and Manus and the debate about their fate in Australia.

Video from GJ Global Journalist

3 Comments on "Australia’s refugee ‘islands of despair’"

  1. This is just disgraceful, and for Morrison and Dutton, to be treating human beings like this, they should be charged!it’s criminal behaviour to treat human’s inhumanely, and hold them in detention without charge, pity the Gov’t couldn’t be charged with fraud, for all it’s lies over the last 5 odd years! disgusting

  2. OMG. We’d pay good money to enjoy that scene.
    Loving the mossie net motif but it won’t work; unless their mossies are a meal in themselves.
    Bugger all surf but it looks like a paddle board paradise.
    How much are we charging them to stay here? I imagine they have meals provided, rice and flies is it? The ho_rror.

  3. I feel shame that the Australian government can treat refugees worse than they treat murderers, rapists, terrorists and animals. Morrison and Dutton are extremely hypocritical, and appear to have a real hatred of refugees. Otherwise, why would they torment them in concentration camps?

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