Video: Morrison government intends to force cashless debit card on more people

A brief outline of some of the new government bill’s changes, showing the intention is to spread it from First Nations people to all Australians on Centrelink payments, covering the unemployed, and including including those on disability, single parents and age pensioners.

Video by The Say NO Seven



Posted by The Say NO Seven on Thursday, September 19, 2019

21 Comments on "Video: Morrison government intends to force cashless debit card on more people"

  1. I mailed the minister about this some time ago and just got a boilerplate reply that entirely ignored my questions. They are going to do it no matter what the people want.

  2. I agree with your opposition to this evil fascist racist bill. I have one comment to make though it moves too fast. I don’t think I am a slow reader but I could not keep up with the text. As a disability pensioner, if they issue me with an Indue card I will protest in every way I can, one of which will be to not shop in my local town, I will encourage others to do the same, lets see how our local member likes that.

    • Angela Shannon | 21 September 2019 at 3:02 pm | Reply

      Totally agree with you, the video is much too fast to be able to read it properly and take in the information. You would need to watch it several times.

  3. IT IS FACIST AND PUNATIVE …Australians unite to stop this shit

  4. this is not ok..we need to do more than just protest this action..we need help from all industry workers to boycott work for us all..the only way to shut the government down is if we all stand together n hit em where it hurts, I suggest every truckie n cab driver cease work for a week in support of us the poor. this is a game by the rich to show how powerful they think they are, well lets all show em different. protest this card in unity Australia.

  5. I am also outraged over the indue card and will most definitely not shop in my local area,but a large shopping centre where nobody knows me, such an insult this would be to all the hard working tax paying people who find them selves in this position after retirement we have earnt our pension.what a scum bag.

  6. This is unrealistic, why should recipients be controlled on how they manage their money or where they can spend it, rural towns , small towns dont have chain supermarkets or big fuel stations ,no public transport , they would be forced to have to drive ( if they are lucky enough to own a car and drive ) … a special occasion of going out for dinner , a glass of wine , wouldn’t happen with an Indue card, family living overseas , save up for a holiday , can not use Indue card to purchase an airfare , can not use Indue card at markets , it is an absolute ridiculous move and should not be allowed to go through .

  7. This stinking nazi government needs to mind their own business and stay out of people’s lives..they are taking away our freedoms !

  8. What about the chain effect ,loss of jobs bank tellers, security guards etc,no money, no tellers

  9. Go to the people first, and see what result you will get, not looking good for the government

  10. Margaret Mccleary Stuart | 21 September 2019 at 12:20 am | Reply

    I am on the age pension, I will not have any part of this at all … we must start to protest ASAP . How dare they… come on people we must fight this…

  11. Perhaps in time a microchipping option

  12. This card roll out has nothing to do with welfare recipients or the populist rhetoric being used to justify it to the working class. It has everything to do with m9ney for donors and investors in Indue…..

  13. Why don’t they issue them for government especially Dutton and Morrison see how they survive. I know for a fact a lot of stores will not accept them hit the rich people Morrison

  14. Michelle Jones | 21 September 2019 at 8:20 pm | Reply

    Why don’t the politicians on cashless payment cards and see how they can live on it

  15. There are many ways to skin a cat…………. think outside the box and organise programs around purchasing.

  16. So what happens to retired people who are planning to live overseas????

  17. People on DSP carers etc are already on cards now.

    People and Payments on the Trials:

    Who What Where:

  18. This has far reaching consequences, especially for those who save hard in order to go overseas.
    It is insulting to all Australians, and dictatorial in the extreme.
    BTW, who owns and benefits from Indue. Full disclosure regarding those who profit from this company.

  19. To those having trouble keeping up with the video I suggest pressing pause on each page & press play again when ready to move onto the next. This is the way I was able to have time to both read & digest the information.

  20. they tell us we live in a democracy but NO it is a LNP dictatorship we need to hit the streets like they are doing in Hongkong to preserve our freedoms and our planet from the idiots that presently rule the world.

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