Support brave people standing up to stop Adani

Contributed by Ben Wilson

Australia does not want the Adani Carmichael mine in Queensland to go ahead. This has been made clear. But too many of Australia’s politicians keep on being mesmerised. At best,  by the promises of big money made by the tycoon. At worst, by the murky waters of corruption.

The Coalition parties (and far from all their traditional supporters) support Adani. Unfortunately, the Queensland Labor government has also been up to its neck in it.

But thanks to the large body of campaigners, determined to keep on going for the long haul, the issue has been  brought into public consciousness and  the opinion of Australia has turned. Consequently, Adani and his supporters have been isolated and pushed into a corner. They are desperately looking for a way to turn this around and resurrect the prospects for the Carmichael mine

The standoff has led to a body of Adani opponents facing court cases.

This is why Frontline Action on Coal and #StopAdani have come in to support those facing charges.

Legal means have been adotpted as a major weapon by the others side.

As they say, people from all walks of life and hundreds of groups continue to take action every week and have managed to hold back this carbon bomb for years. This has involved individuals putting their bodies on the line, in peaceful acts of civil disobedience.

A campaign is underway to raise enough money to pay for legal costs. Mounting a serious defence for those charged is an important part of the battle to stop Adani. There is also the possibility that the scene could be set for private companies to sue organisations and individuals, if these charges stick.

This is therefore a critical moment to consolidate and encourage further involvement by those who agree that Adani must be stopped.

One way to answer the call is to join and become active in a local group dedicated to the campaign. Another is to  donate money for the legal defence.






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