Ship held up in Port Kembla for the disgraceful treatment of its crew

photo by Adam McLean: The Anna-Elisabeth at berth in Port Kembla harbour

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Why is it still going on in this day and age? Another shipping line, this time a German outfit called Johann MK Blumenthal, has been caught mistreating crew members.

Apparently, it’s not the first time this shipping company has done this.

The Anna Elizabeth was stopped at Port Kembla on Sunday and inspectors boarded, after complaints were lodged the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF), on behalf of the crew.

“The complaints relate to insufficient food supplies aboard the ship and the mistreatment of the crew,” said a statement issued by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

According to AMSA, a Port State Control inspection involves checking the ship has valid certificates and documentation, ensuring it is complying with the certificates, and checking the overall conditions of the ship, equipment and its crew.

ITF National coordinator Dean Summers also boarded the ship, after which he said, “all up, there should have been food for 700 meals and there was not.

“The meat, that is the fish and red meat that was there, was freezer burnt and not fit for human consumption, and there wasn’t enough fruit and vegetables.”

It was also found, that the mostly Philippino and Sri Lankan crew, had been kept in the ship for more than two months without any shore leave, and the captain had not had a day off for six months.

And the Bulk carrier was carrying what is called a flag of convenience. This means it is registered in Liberia, to cut back back on the conditions and wages of its crew.

The practice is widespread and helped along by governments like the one Australia has, letting these ships dock in our harbours. Flag of convenience ships should be outlawed and minimum standards ensured.

Crews on these ships are vulnerable and need the help of others to improve their situation.

Action by the MUA and the ATF is forcing the issue and making a difference,

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