Forum on building the future for Australia

AMWU 251 Queensberry St Carlton in Melbourne

4 June 2pm-5pm

Australian Manufacturing Workers Union

251 Queensberry St Carlton in Melbourne.

If you are not able to make it in person. you can join in via zoom.

Meeting ID: 845 4371 9158
Passcode: 364574

The following proposal is for ongoing discussion and development by the broadest range of people possible

Australia could be doing a lot better as a society that uses its economy to lift everyone and ensure greater opportunities in the future. As long as a few have economic and political power in their hands, it will always be this way. This is why Australia must reclaim this power.

In the hands of the dominating elite, there is no solution to today’s economic crisis, social division, and destruction of community and environment. The elites have imposed austerity, that is, the conversion of our common wealth into private wealth for themselves. Australians pay the price. Now they are moving us closer to war each day.

We don’t have to accept this. Australia’s future depends on going on an entirely different path, and the way to do this, is for the broad masses of the people to be organised into a movement that exerts its authority.

Such a movement will not come about at once. It takes time and must go through necessary steps. We suggest that right now, it is necessary to agree on a few key points and call for a government of action that fights for working families.

  1. Rebuild Australia together

Everyone has the right to a decent life. Now is the time to start building a nation where we stand by one another and make this a reality.

Australia’s constitution is outdated and does not meet the needs of working families. This means a new constitution that  proclaiming the authority of the people and serving their needs, such a constitution will include the rights to work, housing, health, and education. It must guarantee rights at work and enshrining democratic rights such as freedom of speech & assembly

The population must be mobilised to build an economy and is environmentally sustainable.

2. Take back our nation and resources

Australia must have and maintain complete economic and political sovereignty. Vital resources must be brought into the hands of the Australian people.

The financial system must be regulated and turned over to public and community ownership. It has become clear that the banks and other dominant financial institutions cannot be trusted to run the system as it should be. It is a similar story with other vital resources. Those in control cannot be trusted to manage natural resources, energy, and transport, in the interests of Australia.

Taking control of our nation also means consigning surviving relics of the colonial past to history, and it means making the right of the First Nations peoples to their own sovereignty and control  over their own affairs a reality

3. Win unity for a better future

Divisions between groups of Australians are encouraged and promoted by the media, which imports foreign culture wars intended to prevent unity to maintain power in the hands of the few. Australia needs internal social cohesion to move forward.

As Australians, we refuse to be used as a pawn for foreign interests in future conflicts in our region and the rest of the world.

Building peace requires the fostering of constructive relationships with other nations and turning away from participation in superpower politics, which is leading an increasing risk of war and poses a great risk to our future wellbeing.

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