Video: Syrian Ambassador names foreign agents captured in Aleppo

Editorial Comment

The Pen is publishing material that tells a different story about events in Syria than the narrative that is coming though the major western media sources and makes no apologies about it. We believe we have a responsibility to speak out and share the concern about false reporting. Syria is one of the principle flash points in the world today that threatens global instability and war. We should all be gravely concerned about it.

Estimates are that up to 300,000 foreign fighters have gone into Syria and backed militarily and politically by a coalition of Western and Middle Eat nations for what they themselves call “regime Change”. Many of these fighters come from Chechnya. There is a large group from other parts of the Middle East and Persian gulf. A few come from other parts of Europe and other places.

There is no moderate group fighting on the ground. Those with guns are a Jihadist fundamentalists bent on converting the whole region into a giant caliphate. They are being backed by an army of foreign advisors.

The Syrian conflict has been called a civil war. If it is  Syrians on one side and mostly foreigners on the other, this is not a civil war, but a war of conquest. Those who suggest differently have the responsibility to show that it is Syrians who are trying to overthrow the government.

As far as the Syrian government is concerned it can at least be said that they are Syrians. The Russians have been invited to come in by an existing government that has control over much of the country and has won a recent election. Thousands of  Iranian’s and Palestinians have volunteered to fight with the Syrian government, because they see a parallel between their experience at the hands of western powers and what Syria is facing now. The fights for Iranian independence and a Palestinian nation and the war in Syria are regarded as being interconnected, as parts of the battle to end western control western colonial control.

Misrepresentation has caused confusion and good people have accepted the Western media’s narrative that this war is about getting rid of a tyrant. Who they have as a leader, is up to the Syrians and not others.

Those who suggest that they are opposed to both Western interference and Assad are deluding themselves.  Even with the best of intentions, this is an uncomfortable fence to sit on, because, whether they are aware of it or not, a bet each way is not possible in this conflict. No matter what the intention is, the effect of the neither one or the other position is actually to give support to one side and  credence to foreign based regime change. In reality, this is a pro-Western powers position. The situation is too serious to mince words . A spade has to be called by its name.

The good things is that those who are seeing the truth for what it is are growing in number and starting to get louder about it.

In this video, the Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations exposes the names of foreign advisors and intelligence operatives caught in East Aleppo.


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