Video: Pablo Eglesias speaks at regional meeting about direction for Podemos

Podemos leader Pablo Eglesias
Pablo Iglesias Speech translated by The Pen
This speech was  delivered at a regional Podemos meeting at Vistalegre, marking the anniversary of the birth of Federica Montseny on  12 February 1905 and a pioneer for women’s rights in Spain. It also marked the culmination phase of an extended congress, where members and other were encouraged to make contributions towards determining where Podemos goes from here. Podemos is that new anti-austerity political movement that has exploded in the country in recent years. After initial successes, it has been facing a period of consolidation, and in some ways re-defining itself.  The occasion was also emphasising the battle of women for equality and this is reflected in the speech.

On the birth date of Federica Montseny. Today, another woman has been assassinated in Sesena. We want you alive and we want you all. Not one less.

There is a demand from this community meeting. There is a direction for this Secretary General – unity and humility.

Thank you friends, for reminding us that to be useful, we need to be united and be humble. Thankyou Grandmother Theresa. Thankyou companions [women] from the circles [grass roots groups]. Thank you anonymous militants, you have left your skin became to bring forward this process. Thankyou everyone for taking part. You have been examples of fraternity, of intelligence, and of political heights. Thank you very much companions.

Meanwhile, the congress of the PP has been a farce congress with wooden arms and accusations of electoral fraud. More than 150,000 people have participated here. No other political formation in Europe has achieved a level of participation like this.

Here is a political force of the twenty-first century, advancing with others and advancing with the people, while the parties for the restoration entrench themselves and hold back the participation of the people, in the important decisions.

For us this assembly have given us an order, unity and humility, and we are going to achieve it.

Unity and humility, to build social justice. Unity and humility so that the peoples of our nation can regain their sovereignty. Unity and humility to defend the right to decide. Unity and humility to defend human rights against the fascism rising in Europe. Unity and humility to combat all macho violence. Unity and humility to say that Spain is not one entity, but is of its nations and peoples. Unity and humility to be a nation with the workers the unemployed, the autonomous organisations, the small businesses, the feminists and the students.

Unity and humility to build, with civil society and the sister political forces, a great people’s movement and a historical block that pushes for the constitutional change that Spain needs. Unity and humility to take to the parliament all the demands of civil society and be an example. We can be the best in the parliament, without being like the old political class.

Unity and dignity to govern with our allies in using our local governments for change.

Unity and humility to continue to the opposition to the PP.

Unity and humility to win the elections against the Popular Party, to govern more local governments and autonomous communities.

Unity and humility to govern and change Spain, with its people and nations.

We will certainly make many mistakes. It is impossible not to make a mistake when you must make decisions. But I want to promise you, we will never make a mistake about where we stand. We need to continue to build with our people a project for a sovereign country, social, more just and more equal, plurinational, more democratic, more modern, where equality between women and men is a reality.

We need to ensure that we have the capacity to be an instrument to build unity, to push for the constitutional change that our country needs.

You have voted for a Podemos with one voice, a Podemos which is more feminist, unitary, fraternal and united.

From today, we commit ourselves to the task.

The wind of change keeps on blowing. Today, Podemos is stronger and more mature, to continue being an instrument for the majority.

Unity and humility until victory.



Pablo Iglesias es reelegido Secretario General. Os dejamos su intervención en el Congreso de Vistalegre

Posted by Podemos on Sunday, February 12, 2017

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