Video: Adani accused of lying

The Great Barrier Reef
From GetUp

Adani had this video taken off YouTube by claiming copyright. Why do this? Maybe because it’s an exposure and a warning to Australia.

GetUp! warns about Adani – in 2013!

(3 mins) GetUp! warned us about Adani in mid 2013 with this video. They listed some of the environmental disasters Adani were responsible for, and some of the corporate fraud that Adani has a long history of.What did Adani do? They went on to YouTube, and reckoned they owned the copyright to THIS video (which was yet another Adani lie). YouTube pulled it down, but after a few days it came back.See what really got up Adani's nose in this gob-smacking video!

Posted by One Term Tories on Thursday, December 8, 2016


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