Trump’s first week in office shows a worrying trend

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This rundown on The Project of Donald Trump’s first week in office as the president on the United States of America is scary.  Many people have already seen this telling  clip. It’s worth watching again. There is a mixture of retrograde steps that will hurt some sections of the American Community, a turn away from the truth and transparency and a good dose of bullying. The implications are not shown here. Nevertheless they need to be considered.

It is clear that Trump will prove to be a disaster for Americans, who will be made to pay dearly. Even worse,  Trump may well oversee a level of political and economic instability that will bring grave repercussions to the world.  If the worst comes to pass, we will all be drawn in.  There is talk of the rise of American style fascism. This is not clear yet.

However, there are already elements that point towards the possibility. Central to it is the appointment of key representatives of corporate America into his team, more extensively and as openly than at any other time in living memory. The merging  of the state and the corporate world and is the defining character of fascism. It is called corporatism. Fascism extends this to the corporatism of the whole of society. whether this occurs extensively remains to be seen. But there is the politics of hate towards sections of  the population. They are being singled out for special treatment. There has been a shift to the use of torture and the censure of media. Enforcing measures like these will need the means for their enforcement. This is where the most serious threat lies. We should all be seriously concerned.


Week one

It's been one week since President Trump took office, here's a list of everything he has done so far. #TheProjectTV Written by Sarah Ashley and Tom Whitty (@twhittyer)

Posted by The Project on Friday, January 27, 2017

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