Labor falls in line with Turnbull over tax cuts

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The Turnbull government has manged to get a tax cut for those being paid over 80,000, amounting to a massive $4 billion. It was made possible with support from the Labor. The change is regressive in that it benefits those who are better off at the expense of those who are worse off.

The tax cut had been an important measure in the 2016 Turnbull budget and the failure to get support for this budget that was instrumental is the culling of the last election. It was rejected then because it was part of a package that would make Australia more unequal.

It should be remembered that measures in this year’s budget were a continuation of the previous notoriously harsh Hockey budget of the year before.

The Australian Council of Social Service has the tax cut unconscionable. “It is trying to pass legislation that would cut the incomes of young unemployed people by $47 per week while giving people earning $200,000 a year a $6 per week tax cut,” said policy director Jacqui Phillips.

“These tax cuts are unfunded and benefit the top 20 per cent of income earners. Australia cannot afford tax cuts at this time, either to individuals or companies, while at the same time cutting Quite a few Labor members of parliament had previously spoken out against this tax cut. Many are now asking why the turnabout? No justification had been given. all the more so, since Labor has also backed cuts to for university students and single parents so far.

Many Labor supporters must be starting to wonder whether other budget measures and Coalition policies that Labor had only a few months ago sworn to oppose are now going to be supported.
We are all owed an explanation.

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