Greens call for Australia to junk US alliance over refugee ban

Malcolm Turnbull refuses to take a stand on Trump refugee ban
Contributed by  Ben Wilson

Greens leader Richard Di Natale has called for Australia to “junk” its longstanding alliance with the US as retribution for Donald Trump’s move to ban people from seven Muslim countries from entering the US.

Di Natale’s response contrasts that with prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who has refused to distance himself, when even the UK and Germany have responded with concern over Trump’s ban. His clumsy evasion in taking any stand at all has made him look like a coward without principle. It can only undermine his standing even further than it has fallen already.

The executive order bars people from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen or Somalia from entering the US for the next 90 days and suspends the admission of all refugees for 120 days.

Labor deputy leader Tanya Pliberseck has stepped in to call on Turnbull to explain how the US ban will impact on Australian citizens and permanent residents. However, it seems that quite a few in the Labor camp would prefer a somewhat stronger statement.

It is telling that for all these countries refugees have been created by American military action and the Australian government was complicit in most of them.

The Greens leader said that “if this prime minister is a leader, if this prime minister is a somebody who is prepared to stand up for values of freedom, of Liberty, of inclusion, then he will instruct Julie Bishop to pick up the phone and express Australia’s opposition to what Donald Trump is doing right now”.

“Instead of celebrating (and) fawning over the US president, now is the time for leadership, to express that in the strongest possible terms and to make it clear that Australia does not support what this president is doing.

“We need to now, more than ever, ask ourselves whether our alliance with the United States of America is in the national interest.

“Australia needs to junk the US alliance. It needs to renegotiate the terms of a new relationship with the US that advances our interests and advances the interests of people right across the world.”

The executive order bars people from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen or Somalia from entering the US for the next 90 days and suspends the admission of all refugees for 120 days.

Labor deputy leader Tanya Plibersek says Malcolm Turnbull needs to explain how the US ban on entries from those countries would impact on Australian citizens and permanent residents who were born there.

Dr Di Natale said the Australian government’s response had so far been “appalling” and the omission of Saudi Arabia from the list raised questions about whether Mr Trump’s business interests there had given it special status.

“This is a disgraceful, divisive hateful set of policies that are being implemented by one of the most powerful men in the free world,” he said.

“It is remarkable that a country that is founded on values of freedom and liberty would effectively ban an entire group of people from coming to that country on the basis of nothing other than their religion.

“The Statue of Liberty stands as a hollow shell today, its inscription meaningless at a time when the new president of the United States of America is turning his back on some of the most vulnerable, traumatised people anywhere in the world.”


2 Comments on "Greens call for Australia to junk US alliance over refugee ban"

  1. What else would that idiot come up with he lives with smoke and mirrors

  2. domenic fammartino | February 1, 2017 at 10:07 am | Reply

    Mr Richard Di Natalie – the reason President Trump was elected with a huge majority – was because he promised to do this and because of people like you. YOU SHOULD LEARN WHAT A REAL LEADER DOES AND THATS PROTECT YOUR PEOPLE AND BE THERE SERVENT !!!’ And if Turnbull doesn’t do the same – his political life will be over! So – stop being a troublemaker And typical green agenda driven joke ! This is why your Green party is almost deceased because you dont listen to the majority. Q **HOW DO YOU KNOW RICHARD DI NATALE IS LYING. A** HIS MOUTH IS MOVING. ^^^ COULD YOU ANSWER THIS QUESTION FOR US ALL ### Obama Bombed 5 of 7 Countries Trump Banned – Media Didn’t Care
    Hypocrisy of media, leftists on full display.

    While the lying media is freaking out over President Trump’s travel ban for seven Middle Eastern countries deemed security risks, they didn’t give a damn about Obama bombing them.

    Though the media is currently in a tizzy because Trump’s executive order held up around 300 people at airports, Obama’s bombings were reported as completely reasonable to bring about peace.

    Out of the seven countries that were banned by President Trump last Friday, five were bombed by the Obama administration: Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Somalia.

    Trump banning these people from America bad, Obama bombing these people is good.

    Where were the George Soros funded organizations protesting the “nearly 100 attacks” that have occurred since 2009 in Yemen “resulting in the deaths of hundreds of militants, but also many civilians?”

    Did Chuck Schumer shed a tear for the 62 Syrian troops killed and 100 more wounded that the Obama administration “accidentally bombed” in 2016?

    Did Schumer openly weep when the Obama administration was “duped into attacking Somali troops” and killed 22 of them in an air strike late last year?

    It’s fine for the Nobel Peace Prize winning President to bomb these people in their own countries, but for President Trump to temporarily prevent them from traveling to our country to keep America safe is “un-American” and “unconstitutional.”

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